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How To Choose Energy Bars/ Gels?

How To Choose Energy Bars/ Gels?

There are a wide array of high-energy bars, gels, and drinks marketed to consumers these days, which are designed to promote and sustain energy and provide essential nutrients that may be lost during strenuous physical activities. However, the multiple variety of options can be quite confusing for beginners to choose from and may impede with the inclination to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Read below to know more about which types of energy foods are right for you, next time you are out shopping:

  1. We recommend energy bars for high-energy activities, in which the body loses more nutrients, as energy bars have an optimum balance of essential nutrients. 
  2. Meanwhile, energy gels or sport drinks will be more beneficial for longer duration activities like triathlons, marathons, or bike races. 
  3. People on a low-fat diet can opt for energy drinks, whereas those who have a high metabolism and require a calorie-rich diet, can opt for energy bars as the better alternative.
  4. Convenience and personal preference can also play a crucial role in deciding what to purchase. Runners usually prefer gels and drinks, and for hikers, an energy bar may be just as convenient.

Nutritional information is another aspect that needs to be considered when choosing between bars, gels, and sport energy drinks. This can include:

  • Calories 
  • Fat 
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Protein 
  • Vitamins and Minerals 
  • Amino Acid Blends 
  • Sodium 
  • Potassium 

It's generally acceptable to combine energy bars, gels and drinks – as long as you drink plenty of water to prevent possible upset stomach, and keeps you well hydrated.

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