Adventure is discovery. It lies in the impetus of a storm, the nirvana achieved at the top of a mountain peak, and packing up your gear at 4am for a hike.

Adventure entails crossing deserts, trekking through mountains, and connecting with others by disengaging from modern day trappings.

Adventure sets an oblique look at the world and fills you with an exploding nervous excitement that makes you feel alive!

What is Adventure XP logo ?

Adventure XP is an experience born out of a burgeoning thrill for exploration and adrenaline. We specialize in offering unique and customized adventure expeditions to offbeat spots in the GCC and the world at large, that let you experience and feel the pulse of a place, you might have only read or heard about.

Challenge the thrill seeker within, step away from the comfort of routine, unplug, and interact with people that define adventure.

As we create, you become a part of our story.

Why Adventure XP logo ?

Adventure XP enables people of all types and ages to trek along the foothills of mountains – tame rough terrains on a mountain bike – and glide through turquoise water bodies on kayaks or paddle boats.

Our professionally conducted expeditions around the world include:
• Mountain biking
• Kayaking
• Stand-up paddling
• River rafting, and more

These expeditions have been seamlessly designed to boost adrenaline, fitness, and to stimulate the body and mind.


Choose Adventure XP because:

• Our certified and trained staff will help you challenge the thrill seeker within, enhance your fitness level, and equip you with    knowledge about the local topography.
• Our expeditions encompass activities to augment team building and problem solving.
• We are the sole organizers of family and women exclusive expeditions.
• You will return from the expedition feeling high-spirited, emboldened, and empowered.
• You can be a proud member of our burgeoning community that comprises over 14,000 adventure enthusiasts.
• You can find all your gear at Adventure HQ – our dedicated outdoor retail specialist offering equipment for a wide array of    active lifestyle pursuits.

Hatta Hike – along the Oman border

Duration: 2 hours

The rugged peaks and troughs of the Hajar Mountains make Hatta the perfect destination for thrill-seekers, adventurers, and nature-lovers alike. Near the border with Oman, the winding wadis at the foothills of the mountains, offer a varied terrain for hiking, camping, and mountain biking, while the turquoise waters against the rugged mountainscape are ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding.... This hike starts at a local farm near Hatta Dam, initially passing through narrow entrances between mountain ridges, and finally opening up to a wider mountain path. This 5.9-kilometre mid-elevation trail is a scenic route with numerous farms dotted along the way, but can also be quite the physical challenge.

Dibba Fujairah – Hajar Hiking Trail

Adventure enthusiasts can thoroughly enjoy the Fujairah mountain range, located out on the East coast. This steep 5km route starting near Dibba, is for slightly advanced hikers, with a challenging climb from the valley floor and a twisting road to the top. For nature lovers, the trail also passes by old houses, offering a panoramic view of the lunar-like landscape of the Hajar Mountains.

Ras Al Khaima – Wadi Shah, Jebel Jais:

A great hike for both beginner and intermediate hikers. The low-elevation beginner trail is a 6km hike, involving a more picturesque view of the canyons and jaw-dropping colors and topography. The trickier, high elevation intermediate trail loop however is 13 km, offering a slightly steeper ascent and descent, with the potential to spot some animals and abandoned villages along the way.

Wadi Shawka:

RAK “ The Showka Wadi Walk” is known to be one of the most popular places for hikers in the UAE and is also very popular for overnight campers. It is known for its splendid landscape as well as natural pools that are frequently visited by residents and tourist alike.

Wadi Showka is surrounded by a cluster of hills and small mountains from all sides – a sight you don’t get to see every day in the UAE, and the walk encompasses different routes and trails with lonesome palm trees scattered around the narrow pebbly paths, small ponds, and natural springs that are full of water all year long.

Off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the Shawka trail for its hills, wadis (valleys) and rock formations, which are ideal for a fun adventure on board an ATV or by 4x4, but what makes camping or hiking a wholesome experience is its wildlife offering. Along the trail you can encounter camels, goats, donkeys, and a variety of birds.

Off-road enthusiasts will appreciate Shawka trail thanks to its hills, wadis (valleys) and rock formations which are ideal for a fun adventure on board an ATV or by 4x4.

Overnight Camp Cost – 299 AED Per Person

Day Hike – 179 AED Per Person

Jebel Jais trip : 22nd of feb



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