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Buy Best Kayak from Adventure HQ

Our kayaks are a wise pick for paddlers looking for comfort and thrill. We offer you a great collection of kayaks to help you choose the best as per your kayaking needs. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in kayaking, we promise to make your kayaking journey comfortable and hassle-free. Additionally, as a leading kayaking retailer in the UAE, we guarantee your safety and adventure.




Experience 20 years of innovation perfected.

The MirageDrive immediately and permanently revolutionized the sport of kayaking upon its introduction in 1997. Hobie has been innovating ever since.



Unparalled adjustability for the utmost in comfort, a drier ride and longer days on the water.

Our patented, ergonomic Vantage Seats take adjustability and breathability to a whole new level with features and materials that provide unrivaled support and comfort for a full day on the water.

Why Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ is your one-stop platform to buy the best kayaks in Dubai. We offer everything a kayaker is hunting for, be it kayaking essentials or the best kayaks. Our kayaks are known for their comfort, safety and high performance. 

You can browse our wide collection of kayaks and narrow down on the one that can give you the best kayaking experience. These have been designed with features tailored to meet your every need so you can embark on your adventure.

Once you have found your perfect kayak, you will be well on your ways to paddle on the amazing waters. 

Pro Angler Kayak

With six horizontal rod lockers and enough storage compartments to empty a small store, the original Pro Angler fishing kayak delivers all the fishing utility you need, along with the revolutionary MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins. The PA 14 is the perfect choice for discerning anglers who require stability, performance, stealth, and comfort all rolled into one package.

Outback Kayak

A finely tuned angling vessel powered by the MirageDrive 180 and Kick-Up Turbo Fins, this vessel is extremely nimble, fast, quiet, and maneuverable. This boat features a Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, which makes it easier to navigate tight waters and combat drift. With the extra wide standing deck, you can cast better and enjoy a better vantage point for sight fishing.

Passport Kayak

Whether you like fishing, or sailing the water, your adventure awaits. The vertical accessory tube and molded in rod holders allow you to do both. Dual mounting tracks provide easy access to accessories, and the 8" Twist-n-Seal Hatch allows for extra storage. Easy-to-use steering, combined with simple twist-and-stow rudders, makes navigation effortless and enjoyable.

Compass Kayak

With a Kick-Up fin system and the MirageDrive 180 pedal system, the Mirage Compass is synonymous with simplicity. Kick-Up Fin Technology automates the automatic retract of the fin upon impact, removing the concern of paddling in shallow, structure-filled waters.

Tandem Island Kayak

An expansive, easily tended mainsail gives Tandem Island great lift when the wind blows. Dual MirageDrive 180s provides forward and reverse pedal power, so navigating is effortless even when zephyrs are absent. When they encounter an underwater obstacle, Kick-Up Fins automatically kick-up and then automatically return to their original position.



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