2XU V:3 Velocity Wetsuit Fitness, Fitness clothing, Wetsuit

2XU V:3 Velocity Wetsuit

Regular price AED 2,399

Incorporating 2XU's Intermediate Zone Stretch (IZS) panels for increased flexibility, the super slick V:3 takes the highly acclaimed V:2 to even greater heights. Propriety 2XU features include Velocity Strakes for improved hydrodynamics and increased forward motion plus Concave Water Entrapment Zones on the forearm for greater pull.
2XU's outstanding Rollbar, Floating Zip Panel and Transition Panels are also included. Furthermore, the V:3 now comes with new High Elbow Lift Panels between the elbow and shoulder for extra buoyancy to heighten the elbow in catch phase for a seriously powerful stroke, and a more natural shift to wetsuit swimming for traditional, non-suit swimmers.

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