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AOR Off Road 9 Feet Red Flag Pole - Red | Enhanced Visibility | Fiberglass and Resin

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The FLG9-S is similar to the FLG9 in every way other than it has been split at the center and equipped with an adapter to easily connect, or disconnect the 2 rods. Once connected, the flag pole reaches its full height of 9ft, and once disconnected, you get two rods of 4.5ft each which makes it easily stowable in your vehicle, or in your house.


  • Essential for safety and leisure: The aor 9 feet flag pole is an essential element in off-Roading, whether for safety or leisure.
  • Enhanced visibility: Thanks to its length of 9 feet (2.7 meters) it allows you to be seen easily while you are driving behind rocks or under sand dunes to avoid any collisions
  • The colorful pvc shrink tubing protects each rod from sun-Splintering and deterioration, in addition to providing increased durability and enhanced color visibility.
  • Flexibility: The special composite blend of fiberglass and resin makes the rod the most durable choice for any safety or leisure flag application
  • Customisable: Can be mounted with any type of flag


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