Aqua Lung Sport Planet Jr Lx   Airflex Lx Set Mask And Snorkel Set, Snorkeling Face Gear

Aqua Lung Sport Planet Jr Lx Airflex Lx Set

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Aqualung Planet Junior LX AirFlex Junior snorkel set is a great combo snorkeling set for an amazing snorkeling experience. Planet mask and AirFlex snorkel share the similar performance level and similar color expression for a perfect match.The planet mask has followed the design of a professional level mask with its one lens construction to give a wider view compared to the other two lens masks. 5mm tampered glass lenses are used for the mask to enhance the durability and the strength. Aqualung has improved the sealing action on this mask with crystal silicone skirt so snorkeler can stay a longer period underwater without worrying about water seeping in to the mask. High quality easy to adjust silicon skirt enhance the comfort by allowing to adjust the mask to fit the face without any discomfort.Snorkel from the other side is anatomically shaped to reduce the water resistance and keep you calmer in the water to allow you enjoy the moments and the scenic view.

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