Aqua Lung Sport Reveal X2 Mask Snorkeling Face Gear, Snorkeling Mask

Aqua Lung Sport Reveal X2 Mask

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The AquaLung Reveal X2 Mask was made to be their most comfortable mask yet with many features to make it fit better. A premium mask the Reveal has super soft crystal-clear silicone with a new ergonomic skirt. New buckles attach directly to the skirt for flexibility and have a quick single-button adjustment for the new spherical strap. Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS)AquaLung's UASS has been designed to seal around a wide range of face shapes and made from super-soft silicone make the Reveal one of the most comfortable masks that will fit straight out of the box.The Reveal has a textured nose pocket for greater control when equalising and the clear skirted options are made from crystal-clear silicone to let plenty of light in.

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