Aqua Sphere Kayenne Mirror Goggles Goggles, Swimming Face Gear

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Mirror Goggles

Regular price AED 175

n our never-ending effort to offer products that enhance the swimming experience Aqua Sphere has developed a line of accessories that feature exceptional design and functionality. From Anti-Fog solution for eyewear to swim caps and wet/dry bags Aqua Sphere has tried to put the swimmers needs first. Each item is constructed of the highest quality materials and has been thoroughly tested to provide the greatest value. Whether you're a daily or an occasional swimmer a lively toddler or an active senior citizen and whether your focus is on fitness or fun Aqua Sphere offer an innovative and comprehensive range of swimming goggles masks fins plugs paddles pullbuoys floats kick boards and wetsuits designed to assist at all levels while maintaining your safety. Aqua Sphere may be a relatively new name to the British marketplace but it boasts a tremendous pedigree.

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