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Assos Zebla Odour Spray

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Zebla Odour Remover Spray is non-toxic and biodegradable and is made up of water micro-organisms enzymes anionic surfactants (cleansing agents) and mint perfume. The product is safe to use and is non-flammable. Zebla Odour Remover is free of fluoride and without propellants and therefore detrimental to the ozone layer. Zebla Odour Remover removes and neutralizes effectively the organic acid that is causing the smell. It is very efficient because of the content of enzymes and purifying micro-organisms and is gentle to the environment. Can be used on shoes boots bags gloves and helmets as well as textiles. Zebla Odour Remover is very easy to use. Spray 4-5 sprays in each shoe or boot. If the sole can be taken out give this extra 4-5 sprays. Let the shoes dry. After drying the footwear is odorless and ready for use again. Repeat the treatment if necessary. A bottle Zebla Odour Remover is sufficient to treat about 100 pair of shoes.

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