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BBB Cartridge Carbon Dioxide Airtanks - Inflating a Mountain Bike Tire | 25 Grams | Up to 2.2bar / 30 Pounds Per Square Inch

AED 29
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Fast, easy and practical

Co2 cartridges have many benefits. The Airtank XL is big enough to pump up your mountainbike tire up to 30 psi or 2.2 bar, enough to continue your ride without any problems and in a few seconds of time.
  • Replacement cartridges (threaded) for BBB AirSpeed (BMP-32), EasyAir (BMP-34) and CO2Blaster (BMP-33S)
  • Volume of 25 gram
  • Perfect for inflating a MTB tire
  • A single cartridge inflates one 29" x 245 MTB tire up to 2.2bar / 30psi

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