BBB Gear Outercable Unit Cables, Drivetrain

BBB Gear Outercable Unit

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BBB Gear Outercable Unit introduces BBB Shiftline Cable Set Black to ensure correct and smooth movement. BBB inner cables are pre-stretched and pre-lubricated. You can choose between two different coatings: The PTFE-Coated inner cables which provides smooth and maintenance free operation or Slick Stainless (STS) inner cables who have a minimal amount of friction. But also outer cables of all kinds of cable accessories and complete replacement set for hydraulic systems are available as well.With respect to specifications and features of BBB Shiftline Cable Set Black, it has a pre-coated liner with special polymer compound for less friction as well as pre-stretched Slick-Stainless inner cables with low-friction surface for excellent responsiveness. It Includes: 1800mm outer cable 290mm outer cable 1.2 x 2000mm inner cable 1.2 x 1500mm inner cable accessories.

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