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Beet It Sport Flapjack Sport Oat Bar

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Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjacks are a pocket-sized, chewy nitrate-rich snack that easily fits in your pockets so that you can munch on it as you wish. It is a chewy nitrate-rich snack with simple ingredients. Each bar contains a minimum 200mg of natural nitrate. The optimal twice-daily dose is required to beet your personal best!. Eat for breakfast or as a healthy snack 1 - 3 hours before activity. One bar for training days and two for competition days. It is perfect for those with a busy schedule. A great tasting bar that combines the slow release energy of oats (source of carbohydrate) with our Beet It Sport beetroot concentrate (source of natural nitrate). With only five ingredients including oats, beetroot concentrate and raisins make this a must for those who care about consuming the right ingredients.

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