Cervelo 2017 S3 ULTEGRA DI2

Cervelo 2017 S3 ULTEGRA DI2

Regular price AED 20,995

Cervélo’s S3 is a high performance hybrid that pulls front-end aero cues from its S series bikes but comfort-boosting rear features from the R series machines. The result is an effortless distance machine that’s deceptively quick and closer cost competition to mainstream brands than you might expect.

  • Highs: Impressively comfortable, efficiently fast aero all-rounder
  • Lows: Low grade rolling stock, ugly Di2 installation
  • Buy if: You want an ultra-efficient yet comfortable distance machine

While the sloped top tube and rearward diminishing tube tapers of the S3 create the appearance of a tall front end, it’s actually very closely matched to most other aero road bikes in terms of head tube length in comparable sizes.

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