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CGEAR Men's Ventolation Blake Sandals

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Part of Ventolation’s AIRventure line, the Blake always has an escape plan. This amazing sandal combines adventure technology with comfort awareness to make you feel at home no matter where you are. The genius of the design begins with our patented drainage system. Because sand bonds with water, it can be difficult to remove. However, by combining a series of grooves, channels, and air holes from the insole to outsole, our shoes not only circulate air but expel sand, water, and debris as you walk.

This significantly improves drying time and encourages a healthy (not to mention more comfortable) foot environment. We’d claim its magic, but it’s a pretty simple process. The hard part was perfecting the design. In addition to non-slip treads and contoured rubber straps, the Blake has adjustable securing straps and a forked front strap, which provide the stability of a traditional shoe with the toe-freedom of a sandal. Each step you take moves you further along the path not yet taken. We know you don’t want to stop the adventure and go back to the house. That’s we make shoes to withstand the demands of your lifestyle. From the street to the trail to the shore—every occasion, every adventure, every day.


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9 42 270
10 43 280
11 44/45 290
12 46 300

Customers can avail easy payments plan for :

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