Compressport Trail UW Short V2 Compression Shorts, Fitness, Fitness clothing

Compressport Trail UW Short V2

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Worn as a wetsuit and positioned on the right muscles, your underwear short will help absorb shocks and vibrations while ensuring that the hip/buttock posture is perfectly aligned and that the knee is well supported. Muscles get the maximum support and at the same time, are protected from injury. Recovery is quicker.
This underwear is a second-to-none mix of high performance, compression and lightweight in exclusive fibres.
- The fibres used here are fully natural embedded with copper whose properties wick out fungus and bacteria.
- The hydrophobic fibre does not retain water and sweat. No irritation is caused and you stay dry.
- A high waistband, wrapping any morphology, provides abdominal support and excellent holding of the lower back.
- Shocks are absorbed, even better during descents.
- V-shaped, the waistband does not compress the abdomen.
- No seams in the sewing will guarantee no friction and no pressure.
- This short offers undeniable comfort in-between legs, thanks to an intelligent push-up zone.
- The push-up zone allows maximum aeration and lets out perspiration while providing exceptional support to the groin area.
- Sewn using the flat lock technique, the short permits no chafing, even over long distances.
- The special knitting made of thermo-regulating fibres protects you from colds and breathes with you when the effort is intense.
- The short not only supports your muscles but also massages them via each movement you make.

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