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FDBRO Sports Mask 3.0

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FDBRO training mask, which you can use during training to increase your stamina and sports performance. Many professional athletes use a training mask in their preparations. You do not need to remove the FDBRO training mask to change difficulty levels.

Benefits of the mask:

  • It trains your diaphragms and increases your performance
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Increases endurance
  • Training with a mask delays the onset of muscle acidification
  • You can change the level of resistance during training without removing the mask

NXT FORC3 Airflow Platform

NXT FORC3 is the pinnacle of performance breathing technology.

Through adjustable resistance to airflow, changing the difficulty of breathing so that the intensity of the use of respiratory muscles increases, thus promoting higher metabolism.

The NXT FORC3 dial allows you to combine your breathing effort with your exercise effort in the spin of a sphere. You just have to click, breathe and train.


  • Six Levels of Resistance: Change the intensity of your breathing without removing the mask during your workout. This training mask comes with a 6-level valve system, from light to extreme, depending on your resistance. Better breathing while training leads to increased endurance, training ability, and improved recovery.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: The exercise mask is made of ultra-durable high-quality construction. Made with strong elastic straps and is very easy to wash, you can remove the mask from the strap so that you can clean just the mask or strap of any residue / sweat from a workout.
  • Trust: order now with our must achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Note: this product does not belong to the medical category and it is not effective for the prevention of epidemics. The authentic training mask on this product page is only sold by the FDBRO seller. If you buy it from other unauthorized sellers, the quality can not be assured, please confirm the purchase of "FDBRO" before payment.


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