Feel Free Dry Tube Multi Purpose Clothing And Accessories, Dry Bags, Waterproof

Feel Free Dry Tube Multi Purpose

Regular price AED 155

The OverBoard 5 litre Yellow dry tube bag is built to last and protects small valuables or clothes wherever water. dirt or sand is involved.Thanks to welded seams and our trusty Fold Seal System this small Dry Bag is 100% waterproof suitable for quick submersion and even floats when dropped in water. Made of nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin this Dry Bag is also super durable and easy to wipe clean. meaning it can take a bit of a beating. A fully adjustable and removable strap means you can carry this bag hands-free while loading your craft or bringing your stuff to the beach. All this makes the OverBoard 5 Litre Yellow Dry Tube Bag the perfect kayaking bag or kit-carrying accessory on your water sports boating camping. hiking or beach-based missions. And if you feel a bit worn out after all that action. we find it works a treat as a pillow too.

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