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GENERIC Gas Cartridge 450 Gram Screw

AED 34


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The gas cylinder may be used with all types of gas appliances Kovea and equipment from other manufacturers thread standard epi-gas. Fuel tank Kovea Screw Type Camping Gas 450g-high performance and minimal consumption! 

The original gas canister Kovea Camping Gas screw type, provides a high efficiency through the use of mixture of two combustible gases – isobutane and propane. Operation temperature of the mixture is from 40 to -23 degrees. Propane provides high pressure gas, while maintaining the system performance when used in low temperatures. Isobutane maintains stable pressure in the tank when the fuel in it at the end.


  • Perfect for outdoor adventures
  • Easy screw on/off feature
  • Contains a mixture of high performance gas
  • Lightweight and compact


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