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HOBIE ST Turbo Fin Kit V2/GT - Blue

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    Performance fins ST Turbo fin kits- includes 2 fins and 2 longer masts.

    This upgrade is for those with a GT Drive Version 2. If you are unsure which Drive you have then look at our Mirage Drive page with full details of all of the different drive styles. If you need any advice then please give us a call and we are always happy to help!

    Standard or Turbo- which fin suits your needs?

    Do you want to go for lower or higher gear?

    The larger the fin the greater the resistance and the faster you will go!
    Larger fins are particularly suited to kayaks with sailing kits.

    The added power and speed of the sail often outpaces the standard fins (similar to pedaling a bike down hill in first gear).

    If you like speed then the best option is of course – TURBO. Hobie Mirage kayak users report as much as ten% increase in speed and more using TURBO Fins. But its not all about speed, it also means that you have to make fewer pedals per mile all thanks to the larger and more efficient fin designs. These longer fins can also increase lateral resistance for sailing upwind. Just position the drive so the fins are pointing straight down and they will act as a handy centreboard when trying to get across the wind.

    Customers can avail easy payments plan for :

    • Minimum Purchase:- AED 2,000
    • Tenure (Months):- 6, 9 & 12
    • To know the details please visit our EPP page


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