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J.T.BROOKS Automatic Tire Deflators Pro | Adjustable From 3-32 PSI | Laser Engraved PSI Scale

AED 475
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Save time and ease the task of airing down with a set of JT Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators. Once calibrated, the JT Brooks Tire Deflators automatically air down to the desired pre-set PSI without having to monitor the pressure. The deflators automatically shut off when the preset PSI is reached. Deflators can be recalibrated to any PSI from 6-32 PSI. and calibrating is simple with the included instruction card. Saves time and frustration by eliminating the need to manually deflate your tires. Nickel plated brass provides superior durability. Stainless steel precision spring delivers unrivaled accuracy. Once Set, they are ready to use again and again. The deceptively simple two piece design is easily disassembled for cleaning. If you frequently air down to different tire pressures and want to eliminate the calibration process, then the Pro Set is exactly what you need. Each Pro Deflator has a precision laser engraved scale to dial in your desired PSI. Each set includes 4 deflators, a ballistic nylon storage pouch and a durable plastic instruction card.
  • Simply Dial In Your Desired PSI And Go!*
  • Adjustable From 3-32 PSI
  • Laser Engraved PSI Scale
  • Nickel Plated Brass For Superior Durability
  • Stainless Steel Precision Spring for Increased Accuracy
  • Deflate All 4 Tires At Once!
  • Manual Activation Knob Starts Deflation At Any Pressure
  • Clear Stop In Deflation When Set PSI Is Reached (Snap Shut Action!)
  • O-Ring Seal for Increased Accuracy
  • Comes Apart in Two Pieces for Easy Cleaning
  • Easy To Use Directions Included
  • Protective Plastic Bag Included to Help Maintain Set PSI
  • Includes Storage Pouch

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