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KOVEA Dolpin Torch | Piezo Ignition | Shock-Resistant Plastic Body

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The gas soldering iron Kovea Dolphin Gas Torch KTS-2907 is a small and convenient device to use for soldering where access to electricity is difficult or impossible. Suitable for roof repair works and small welding operations, heat shrinkage, and soldering. Fueled with liquefied butane. It can be used autonomously and connected to a gas cylinder.

The soldering iron provides a needle flame, thus achieving high soldering accuracy. The flame temperature reaches 1300 ° C, piezo ignition is provided, and the ability to regulate the flame level.

The Kovea KTS-2907 soldering iron weighs only 142 g, has a shock-resistant plastic body, and an ergonomic shape. Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and provides comfortable work. Supplied in blister packs with the instruction manual.

The Dolpin Torch is lightweight and easy to use with a piezo ignition and lock.


  • Fuel: Lighter gas
  • Consumption: 18 g/h (216 kcal /858 BTU / 0.25 kW)
  • Trigger Lock: Yes
  • Heating temperature: 1300°C
  • Flame temperature: 1300°C
  • Gas: Mixed gas
  • Piezo ignition: Yes
  • Power: 0.22 kW
  • Flame Adjustment Control: Yes
  • Balloon included: Not
  • Gas Preheating: Yes
  • Flame Type: Needle
  • Weight: 142 g


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