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NAROO E3 Stylish Bandana Face Cover Mask - Skull

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A fun a stylish accessory that not only provides coverage and protection from the sun, but is suitable for sporting activities  during any season, in any temperature, under any conditions.Ventilating, lightweight microfiber fabric shapes itself into a variety of things like a headband, a beanie, or a tubular. This is a great, adaptable partner for adventuring outdoors because wherever you go, the E3 can go too. Check out X1 and N1 for upgraded versions

Thin, Light  Sun Protection

Thin and lightweight, this neck gaiter blocks up to 91% of harmful UV rays from your face, neck, and ears all year round.

Windproof and Dust-Blocking

For outdoor activities during any season and any temperature, this breathable tube-like bandana protects your neck and face from wind and dust.

Quick-drying and Comfortable

 NAROO’s microfiber nylon blend fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, which allows it to spread out and dry quickly, leaving you feeling cool, dry and comfortable

Multipurpose and Stylish

An athlete doesn’t always practice just one sport. They can go anywhere and do anything. That’s why the E3 face and neck cover is multipurpose. Use this flexible accessory as a neck tube, headband, hat, balaclava, snood, bandana, or beanie. Choose the style best for you whether you like cycling, skiing, motorcycle, hiking, running, fishing, camping, mountain climbing, hunting, snowboarding, outdoor, jogging, shooting, leisure, rock climbing.

Fun and Stylish Everyday Mask

UV protection in any weather and during any activity


Style this mask however you want whether that be as a mask, bandana, scarf, or headband


All Weather Use

Suitable for sporting activities during any season, in any temperature, or in any condition

Reusable up to 100+ Washes

Strong enough to last over 100 washes without losing efficiency

Neck Covering Bandana

Full coverage from sun over commonly exposed areas

99% UV Protection

Protects skin from harsh UV rays and sun damage in any weather

Customers can avail easy payments plan for :

  • Minimum Purchase:- AED 2,000
  • Tenure (Months):- 6, 9 & 12
  • To know the details please visit our EPP page


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