Naroo Fu Plus Copper Face Mask

Naroo Fu Plus Copper Face Mask

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NAROO FU Plus Copper
NAROO is a brand from South Korea that specializes in sports masks. While most sports masks hinder your breathing, NAROO ensures that you can continue breathing normally. Okay, nice that I can just breathe, but why would I do something for my mouth anyway? Well:
 Anti-microbial copper: the FU Plus Copper does indeed contain copper, what a surprise. Why is there copper in my mask? Due to the antimicrobial properties of this copper! It's true, many microorganisms don't survive on copper for long.

❌ Please note:This mask is not of 'medical level'! Indeed, this mask contains antimicrobial copper which provides protection against micro-organisms, but not on a 'medical level'. That means this mask offers better protection than nothing or other sports masks

✅ Hay fever gone: The F-series masks have a filter * that traps much smaller particles than pollen. Especially useful for athletes who also garden!
✅ 99% UV protection
✅ No more insects: the small tickle flies that fly so happily into the throat when cycling in the polder with a beautiful sunset.
✅ Protection against the wind: if there are no flies, it is winter again, no cold air in the lungs or on your face.
✅ Your (sports) glasses will fog less, so that that beautiful sunset can actually be seen.
✅ The filter * not only helps with hay fever, but also with particulate matter as can be found in exhaust gases

✅ Washable and reusable: even after 100 washes, the mask still blocks 99% of the fine dust; it can be reused continuously without reducing the filtering effect.✅ The filtering effect (and its retention after many washes) has been tested and approved by the BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute.
✅ Developed to be used in all types of weather: besides warming in the winter, not too hot in the summer.
✅ Mesh fabric at the back for optimal breathability.
✅ Oor Adjustable ear loops to prevent the mask from sagging / falling off.
✅ Stof Compared to other masks / face masks, hats, balaclavas, balaclavas, neck warmers, scarves and face protectors , the fabric of NAROO masks becomes less wet. Especially useful in winter, because who wants ice cream on their lips?

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