Oztrail 8T Snatch Strap 4X4, Recovery

Oztrail 8T Snatch Strap

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The OZtrail 8t Snatch Strap is the ideal all-rounder suitable for most vehicles and situations.
The OZtrail 8T Snatch Strap is an outstanding utility tool made for attaching to vehicles to tow them out of tricky conditions. The OZtrail 8T Snatch Strap has 75mm wide tough strap which is ideal where anyone needs an 8000kg break strength rated pull. At a full 9m in length the OZtrail 8T Snatch Strap has folded reinforced eyes as well as eye-and-seam protector sleeves built to last. The nylon webbing has a 20% stretch ability for brutal situations.The OZtrail 8T Snatch Strap offers excellent value for money at a price anyone can afford.

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