Oztrail Microsmart 180 Camping, Sleeping Bags

Oztrail Microsmart 180

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The OZtrail MicroSmart 180 Sleeping Bag features a tapered design that allows for a compact and lightweight pack size making this sleepin bag ideal for travellers or those in need of a light sleeping bag that can be packed in small spaces.
The OZtrail MicroSmart 360 Sleeping Bag is part of the OZtrail Lightweight Series. This series offers a lightweight and compact carry size with no compromise on warmth and comfort. The ExoTherm Xt filling is made from ultra-fine microfibres finer than silk. The result is an extremely light highly compactable filling with exceptional insulation properties. This filling is encased in a highly durable breathable dry touch Siltec lining. The outer is engineered to keep the cold and damp out while still allowing fresh air to circulate. The ExoTherm Xt filling provides down like warmth without bulk however unlike down ExoTherm Xt still retains close to maximum warmth even when wet.

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