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PROTEIN BAKESHOP Cashew Caramel Truffles - 30 Grams

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Just 2 Grams Of Coconut Sugar Turns Into A Caramel Crunch In Every Little Cashew Truffle
Our Tastiest, Healthiest Truffle. In That Order. Swap Your Sweet Crunchy Cravings With This Guilt Free Treat Any Time In The Day

4 Carbs (G)
5  Fat (G)
3  Protein (G)
83  Calories

Cashews Have The Lowest Fats Content As Compared To That Of Other Nuts. They Are Loaded With Phytic Acid , A Powerful Anti-Oxidant , Great For Your Hair , Nails And Skin . They Also Have A Chock Full Of Magnesium Which Helps To Keep Your Muscles And Nerves Relaxed


70% Dark Chocolate, Cashews, Organic Coconut, Coconut Nectar, Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Oil & Dates.
No Gluten, No Grain, Veg, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, Dairy Free, High Protein.

Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts.



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