PROYOG Vayu Relaxed Capri Capri, Yoga, Yoga Clothing

PROYOG Vayu Relaxed Capri

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Experience ease and comfort during your yoga practice like never before with Proyog Vayu Relaxed Capri Yoga Pants for women. Featuring a soft elastic waistbad to fit your form, the gathered back waist allows you to go from one asana to the next with utmost ease. The capri pants are made from HYPERBREATH™ fabric that feels soft on the skin in addition to controlling regular wash-and-wear shrinkage. Proyog is the world's first super-specialized yoga wear for serious practitioners.Hailing from India, the birthplace of yoga,it blends thousand-year-old designs with twenty-first-century fabrics and technology,using global ethical standards. Today 9 out of 10 practitioners unknowingly use yoga wear made from nylon/polyester essentially plastic or PET. Proyog believes plastic has no place in yoga and uses its unique HYPERBREATHT fabric made from naturally-breathable fibers instead.

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