SCRUNCH Foldable Bucket
SCRUNCH Foldable Bucket
SCRUNCH Foldable Bucket
SCRUNCH Foldable Bucket

SCRUNCH Foldable Bucket

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A bucket that looked good, felt good and could be taken anywhere and used for any purpose! Could we find one? No! So we decided to design one! Goodbye ugly, hard plastic buckets that break, are discarded and take up space.

Great for carrying water, picking fruit and vegetables, weeding, washing your car – and countless other tasks.

The award-winning Scrunch-bucket is designed to be taken anywhere, to be squashed into small spaces and to be used for a multitude of purposes. Made of food-grade silicone in a multitude of colours with a matching rope and solid silicone handle.

  • Easy to store – take it on the road or stow at home
  • Washable – easy to keep clean
  • Non-toxic – it can double as a dog bowl or a plant holder
  • Strong – it’s made to last
  • Durable – it’ll hold its shape and look good for years

The Scrunch bucket is a folding bucket, a bucket with enormous flexibility; it is indestructible. You squeeze it all together into a small package. Ideal to take to the beach or on vacation, because it takes up much less space than a hard plastic bucket.

Perhaps you know from experience that you leave buckets and other beach tools on vacation because you can't take them. This is no longer necessary with this foldable bucket. And that is so sustainable! This beach bucket is indestructible, you can safely leave it outside when it freezes. It comes out intact. Because the Scrunch Bucket can not break, children can not hurt themselves on sharp edges. This durable bucket can only be broken with a knife, scissors or other sharp object.

Tip: the scrunch bucket buckets are also great to use as a flower pot or to store pens, colored pencils, etc. You can use it for many purposes! And it also looks bright.

The scrunch bucket buckets are made of silicone and available in 9 cheerful colors. The bucket has a volume of 1.5 liters. The diameter is 16 cm at the top and 10 cm at the bottom.

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