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Skinners Green

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Since we started slacklining we have been searching for the perfect slackline shoe. Now after more than a decade, we've found it! It's not really a shoe, neither a sock though... The perfect combination of a shoe and a sock, which does not affect the sense of touch of the feet and offer a great grip on the slackline. - Mission complete! Ofcourse also a great product, when you're not on a slackline. Think about walking to your slack- or highline spot or other activities.

The combination of sock and shoe, which combines the advantages of both
Foot sole made of a non-slip and waterproof double layer
Weave of antibacterial yarns of pure silver against unpleasant odors
Fits rolled up in your pocket and can be taken anywhere
Washable up to 30 ° C
The skinners are supplied with a transport bag with closure

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