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Lightweight as socks and durable as ordinary shoes. These are Skinners, a revolutionary Czech product that must not be missed in the equipment of every active individual. Experience true freedom of movement
You may have sometimes felt that you needed a comfortable and comfy tire on the road that could be taken anywhere. Skinners socks can be wrapped in a small roll, they are seamless, so they don't press or rub anywhere
You can wear Skinners with or without socks. This is not a full-fledged footwear replacement. It is used for occasional use in non-extreme conditions. Where do they fit?

skates: in the pocket to change over
hiking: give your feet a coveted relief all day long
gym: for perfect stability and grip for every exercise
jogging: if you follow the right technique, you will exercise every muscle and tendon of your foot (recommended on soft ground)
water sports: protect against coral and slippery stones
travel - perfect for airplanes, buses or as a spare pair of spare shoes
... just go anywhere

Skinners StretchKnitTM knit made of a combination of natural and artificial antibacterial fibers (Ag +) was used to guarantee the optimum mechanical and comfort features of the upper.
the lower tread section is reinforced with two layers of phthalate-free wear resistant Swedish polymers and provides hundreds of kilometers of stamina
the protective layer over the heel and tip ideally fixes and protects the foot
easy compression knit to adapt to foot shape

Sole height: approx. 2 mm
Drop: 0 mm
Mute: small
Weight: approx. 150g (S)
Fabric Composition: 45% Polypropylene Siltex (Ag +), 22% Viscose, 22% Cotton, 11% Lycra
Maintenance: Wash in a washing machine ideally in a washing bag at temperatures up to 35 ° C or in your hand
Also included is a transport bag
Developed and manufactured in Slovakia from EU materials
Patent design and technology
Awards: Red Dot Design Award 2017, Gold Winner A'Design Award 2018, Gold Winner Good Design Award 2018, ISPO BrandNew Finalist 2017

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