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STANLEY Master Unbreakable Thermal Bottle - Foundry Black

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The Stanley Master thermos 1.3 l  is a stylish thermos for connoisseurs of real quality and durability. This thermos is considered one of the best: it keeps hot drinks hot (and cold ones cold) for at least 40 hours. And drinks with ice - 160 hours. The thermos has such impressive performance thanks to the innovative QuadVac ™ technology.

For convenience, the thermos has a reliable fixed handle, which, however, does not interfere with compactly packing the thermos in a bag. The cup lid has excellent thermal insulation properties: regardless of the outside temperature, a hot drink in the cup will stay that way for 20 minutes or more.
Material:  stainless steel 18/8 1 mm
Volume:  1.3 l
Dimensions:  17 x 10 x 35.7 cm
Weight:  1.77 kg
Keeps warm:  40 hours
Keeps cold:  35 hours
Ice:  160 hours

Features of the thermos Stanley Master 1,3L:

  • QuadVac ™ technology combines double vacuum-sealed walls with double thermal insulation: this way the heat is retained for 40 hours, and the cold for 35 hours (with the addition of ice - 160)
  • the body of the thermos has a protective coating that reduces heat transfer, protects the thermos from scratches and damage, and also acts as an anti-slip coating
  • the thermos is made of stainless steel 1 mm thick (in ordinary thermos - up to 0.5 mm), so it can withstand heavy loads, strong shocks and significant mechanical damage
  • when pouring a drink into a cup, you do not need to unscrew the cap completely
  • cup lid independently maintains the temperature of the drink for 20 minutes
  • durable silicone-coated handle prevents the thermos from slipping out of your hand
  • in places of the greatest heat transfer (in particular, in the neck of the thermos), the vacuum gap between the walls is increased for better temperature preservation
  • none of the plastic elements come into contact with the drink
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • does not contain harmful substances and bisphenol

Technologies and materials

QuadVac ™  is an innovative technology from the Stanley brand that has been specially developed for the toughest thermoses. Double vacuum walls made of 1 mm solid stainless steel (in conventional thermoses, steel up to 0.5 mm thick is used) covered with a double thermo-saving coating. Thanks to the combination of high-quality durable steel and a protective coating, the thermos keeps the temperature for a very long time, it is very durable and resistant to high-intensity damage.

18/8 Stainless Steel 1mm  - 1mm thick high quality stainless steel designed for use with food and beverages. Due to the alloy of chromium and nickel (18% and 8%, respectively), it has a smooth surface, light weight and high strength characteristics. Does not require special care, when washing, avoid products with solid particles and metal objects. Absolutely safe, does not contain or emit harmful substances.



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