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TACX Tacx T2090 Ant+ Dongle Mic Usb

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Tacx spare parts : Unique receiver: ANT Dongle micro USB
With this wireless ANT receiver for Android devices you can link any smartphone or tablet with micro USB input to any device that communicates via ANT , such as a heart rate monitor, speed & cadence sensor, sports watch, GPS device or bike computer. It enables you to constantly keep track of your performance when training.

Insert the dongle into your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to receive ANT signals. When exercising, you can check your training data quickly and easily via popular sports applications like Endomondo. You can also save the data and analyse, import and export them via your phone or tablet after finishing your training session. Keep track of your development and improve your performance.

The device must have a micro USB input and Android 4.3 or higher.

Please Note. It's only compatible with USB-On-The-Go Android devices, as this is vital to getting this dongle to transmit data into your smartphone via micro USB. The ANT + Micro USB Dongle allows for compatibility with Tacx trainer apps when you're using an older trainer with ANT + and no Bluetooth, as your Android device cannot receive ANT + without this handy dongle. For this same reason, it's great for a wide variety of third party sensors that transmit data exclusively in ANT +.

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