Taste Of Nature Blueberry L/S Rash Top, Water Wear, Water Wear Clothing

Taste Of Nature Blueberry

Regular price AED 170

Blueberries are the wild child of the berry world. Their sharp burst of tangy juice and outrageous colour make them a favourite at any mouth party. Our organic blueberry snack bars combine these tiny flavour bombs with pumpkin seeds, almonds, toasted coconut and cashews for a snack that’s off the charts delicious. Moreover, the neat packaging makes it easy to take these baby blues on the road. Pull out one of these deliciously hip and handy snacks when hunger strikes out of the blue. The perfect stop-gap food: energy boosting, light and tasty, with organically grown ingredients and no GMOs, this snack bar contains precious nutrients including omega-3s and dietary fibre, which are essential for our health. It's ideal for a quick and highly digestible snack.

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