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Urbanista Jam Audio Been There - Wl Headphones

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Bluetooth compatible: be free from wires that keep you connected to your smart device. The been there is Bluetooth compatible and allows you to roam within 50-feet of your connected device on-ear design. This soft, lightweight, supra-aural headphone sits comfortably on your ears without any bulk. The sleek design provides a natural, open sound to your environment and small ear cups allow for easy portability hands-free calling: don't interrupt your workout. You can answer the phone without disconnecting your earphones. Been there knows when a call is coming in and will pause the music before ringing. When you hang up, the music starts where the track left off. If you're making a call, just start dialing from your phone and been there does its hands-free thing sweat and rain resistant: these specially designed, ipx4 rated earbuds allow you to combat the elements. The aux-In port allows you to hook your been there to your device with a 3.5 mm cable so you can enjoy your music wherever you are.


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