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VITALY Jumpstarter With Air Compressor | AC Charging - 24 hours | Built-In Reverse Polarity Indicator

AED 399
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  • Always wear eye protection when using
  • Do not use Jumpstart in presence of flammable gasses or
  • To protect against electrical hazards, do not immerse unit or adapter in water or other
  • Close supervision is necessary when used near
  • Do not use unit for applications other than its intended
  • If using the DC charging cord, recharge Jumpstart with your engine running to avoid draining your battery (never leave engine running in enclosed or poorly ventilated area).

WARNING: Failure to follow instructions may cause damage or explosive hazard. Contact with battery acid may cause blindness and severe burns. Always use protective glasses when using this product. Explosive gasses may be released when batteries are normally charged or discharged. If not properly used, severe injuries and/or damages can occur.

  • Remove hose from
  • Attach the valve adapter to the valve stem of the tire and push valve adapter lever down to lock in
  • Turn compressor switch “On!’
  • Carefully monitor the pressure gauge while
  • When appropriate pressure has been reached, turn compressor “Off” and disconnect
  • The unit cannot be used to inflate large capacity inflatables such as float tubes, large air mattresses, transport truck tires, and inflatable These types of products require extended inflating times, which may damage the compressor.
  • Do not leave the unit unattended while the compressor is
  • Allow the compressor to cool down for 10 minutes after each 10 minutes of continuous

Use eye protection to protect eyes while jump-starting battery. Always stand clear of the battery when jump starting. Make sure area is well ventilated. Do not smoke, use machines, lighter or open flames while attempting to jump start a battery.

  • Turn off vehicle ignition and all accessories (radios, lights, ).
  • Set emergency brake and put transmission in
  • Make sure Safety Switch is in the “Off”
  • Connect positive (+) Red clamp to the positive terminal of vehicle
  • Connect negative (—) Black clamp to vehicle chassis, engine or non-moving metal part of DO NOT connect directly to vehicle Negative terminal.
  • Check Reverse Polarity correctness (see below).
  • Turn Safety Switch to “On”
  • Turn on vehicle
  • If vehicle starts disconnect negative (-) Black clamp from vehicle chassis and then positive (+) Red clamp from vehicle
  • If vehicle does not start after several attempts discontinue cranking and disconnect clamps as

This unit has a built-in reverse polarity indicator to allow users to check and confirm the booster cables are connected to the correct terminals before jumpstarting.

  • Make sure Safety Switch is in the “Off”
  • Connect booster cables to the battery terminal and metal
  • If the cables are correctly connected, the indicator will turn
  • If the cables are incorrectly connected, the indicator will turn
  • If the connection is incorrect, disconnect booster cables and reconnect properly.

Make sure Safety Switch is in the “Off” position.            • Turn Power Switch to “On” position. Insert 1 2-Volt power cord into the power port.   • Turn on connected device.

When charging make sure to use a well ventilated, dry location. Do not immerse unit in water or any other liquid.

Do not touch battery clamps together. Attach clamps properly when not in use. Make sure Safety Switch is in *Off" position.

For AC Charging at Home:

Insert the AC charger cord into the charging jack of the Jumpstart and plug charger into any standard 110-Volt outlet.

For DC Charging in Your Vehicle:

Insert the DC charger cord into the charging jack of the Jumpstart and plug other end of charger into your vehicle’s 1 2-Volt power source.

  • Recharge after every use and every 2 months when not in use.
  • Standard charging times: AC charging - 24 hours, DC charging - approx. 6 hours. Do not overcharge unit as this may damage Jumpstart.
  • Level Indicator LED will illuminate Red while To check if fully charged press the Battery Level indicator. This will light Green when fully charged.


6 Months Manufacturer's Warranty against defects. Moving Parts not included.