Weber  Smoker Box Universal Ss

Weber Smoker Box Universal Ss

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Add delicious smoke flavour to any barbecued meal. Infuse your food with a hint of hickory, apple, pecan, cherry or mesquite wood. Simply set the high-quality stainless-steel smoker box on top the cooking grates, add your pre-soaked wood chips and let it work it's magic. The one and only Weber® Universal Smoker Box is perfect for transforming your BBQ into a hot smoker. Meats, vegetables, nuts, cheeses and many more foods - don't just grill it, smoke it.Set the smoker box on top of your cooking grills to transform most gas or charcoal barbecues into a smoke cooker to give your food mouthwatering smoky flavours.Infuse your grilled foods with delicious flavors of smoked wood chips. This Stainless-Steel smoker box can be placed under the grill grates to allow smoke to drift up, and the hinged lid with large tab allows you to easily add chips while in use, It can be used on any charcoal or gas barbecue.

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