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WINMAX Professional Protector

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WIN.MAX 3 In 1 Professional Protective Gear Set, is for multi sport purpose, the knee elbow wrist pads are flexible and suitable for multi sports protection
One size fits all, the adjustable straps are flexible to different body shape
Also you can have a morden outfit with our fashion design of cap and pads
The protective gear consist of durable and tough PP, PE materials with breathable polyester sleeve to wear, it could protect the user during the multi sports purpose
Package included: Knee Pads, Eblow Pads and Wrist Guards


IMPACT RESISTANT- Made of tough and durable EPS and Eva materials with breathable Polyester sleeves, It allow JBM user to enjoy the riding experiences with safety protection to their knee elbow and wrist.
DESIGNED For ADULT: Adult normally explore their riding experiences with more agressive more than the younger, therefore to wear a set of anti-shock gear should be consider seriously before the incident happen.Besiedes,the sport such as Skatboarding, Rollering, Riding normally get people hurt when they fall on the ground

win-max-3-in-1-protective-gear-set-for-multi-sports-skating-scooter-bmx6 win-max-3-in-1-protective-gear-set-for-multi-sports-skating-scooter-bmx7 win-max-3-in-1-protective-gear-set-for-multi-sports-skating-scooter-bmx8 win-max-3-in-1-protective-gear-set-for-multi-sports-skating-scooter-bmx9 win-max-3-in-1-protective-gear-set-for-multi-sports-skating-scooter-bmx10



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