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Nite Ize Steelie Dash Mount Kit Plus

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The beauty of the Steelie Dash Mount Kit Plus is in its simplicity. This magnetic two piece ball-and-socket mounting system attaches to your dashboard using a strong, removable 3M VHB adhesive. The Magnetic Phone Socket Plus features a powerful neodymium magnet and offers twice the holding power as our standard-sized magnetic socket making it perfect for both standard and plus-sized devices with or without a case. With 2 convenient ways to attach your magnet to your device, you can decide whether to keep the phone-safe magnet on your phone all the time or use the MultiStick Adapter which allows you to remove and restick the Magnetic Phone Socket Plus multiple times. A great bonus feature to this product is its versatility. With the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus you can easily attach your phone to other magnetic surfaces like refrigerator doors, toolboxes and our entire ecosystem of Steelie Magnetic Mounts. For the times when you want to be magnet-free.- Easily move your magnetic socket between devices plus cases- MultiStick adhesive holds strong, removes quickly and resticks multiple times- Hardshell case required for glass-backed phones. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus contains a strong magnet. This magnet will NOT damage your mobile device; however, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such products



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