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Best Kids Bike in UAE

Yayy, it's Fun Time

Are your kids ready for their first bike? It is time to welcome a kid's bike into your home. Whether your child is just starting or they are ready to explore roads or trails with their friends, we at Adventure HQ have put together a collection of Kid's bikes that will make you want to buy one for your little one, be it balance bikes or first pedal bikes.

Balance bikes come with the usual two wheels but no pedals, these cycles require your child to sit on the seat, scoot with their legs, and learn to balance. The popular opinion is that balancing is the most challenging part of cycling, so it is obvious that a pedal bike proves to be much easier for kids to start learning to cycle on a balance bike.

Choosing the Best Kid’s Bike is Now Easy

Choosing a Kids sports bike is different from choosing a bike for adults, Kid bikes are not made as per the frame height or length. Surprisingly, it is based on the size of the wheel. The exception is for kids who are taller for their age and might not be able to size up to a larger wheel. So going through a Sizing chart may be a good starting point but not a sure-shot guarantee.

You could also look at the kid's bike accessories, which are the perfect companion along with the bikes like a helmet, or even a fun bike bell. Adventure HQ has a range of collections in a spectrum of brands and colors which are trendy and equipped with the latest feature.

Adjustable Bikes for growing kids

It is economically tempting to buy a bike that is slightly bigger than what is suitable for your kid right now so that your child can fit into the bike easily as they grow up. But there are a few disadvantages to this idea.

Safety is the primary concern

If your child is unable to reach the ground while being mounted on the bike, and cannot control the handlebar or brakes comfortably then that bike is not safe for your child. conversely, if the bike is too small then the knees of your kid can rub off the handlebar which is also a concern.

While the safety of a bike primarily depends on three things - balance, control, and comfort.

The team of experts at Adventure HQ makes sure that all three factors are taken care of. The best quality material is used to manufacture the kid's bike in Dubai. I am sure you would want your kids to enjoy themselves while they drive around with their friends. So, adventure HQ has introduced doorstep Delivery across UAE for your convenience.

Considering a Quad bike is another Option

Unlike Adult quad bikes, Kid's quad bikes are designed to be ridden on plane roads of concrete or tarmac. Initially, your child will gain experience managing the throttle, weight, and four-wheeler balance. Once your kid is comfortable only then terrain riding should be attempted. We at Adventure HQ recommend an automatic shift bike compared to a manual geared one as it is easier for your kids to adapt to their bikes. The other important factor to note is that despite the quad bikes having thicker and heavier wheels, it is slightly trickier to steer in a smaller radius.

Having fun is important for your kid

Kid's quad Kelly’s bikes are super fun to ride. Whether your child is attempting off-roading, or just riding on the plain road, it looks very cool. This is also a great way to spend time with your kid and engage with them while building an essential life skill.



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