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About us

Our Journey

It all started in 2011 when Adventure HQ launched its first outlet in Dubai with a unique business model including an extended offering for outdoor adventure gear. Adventure HQ became the one-stop solution for all adventure lovers with four stores across UAE, ruled by an award-winning specialist team.

Who We Are

We are the ultimate outdoor adventure store with a wide range of professional gear for camping, hiking, biking, BBQ, Fitness, Watersports, Electronics, Off-roading, yoga, and a lot more. With more than 30,000+ products from over 500+ world-renowned brands, we fuel your adventure each day and every day

Why choose us?

With the vision to be the leading destination for all outdoor, we inspire more and more people to have an invigorating outdoor experience. We aim to deliver excellence at our stores as our adventure experts help you choose your perfect gear for your next adventure.

Wide Range

AdventureHQ is a one-stop adventure store offering over 500,000 products for all your needs. From biking, watersports, camping, hiking, BBQ, fitness, and electronics we got you covered! Choose from a wide range of world-class products to fuel your upcoming adventure

Bike & Kayak Service

Maintaining your bikes and kayaks can be a daunting task! Not anymore… We at Adventure HQ specialize in bike and kayak services. Get your bikes or kayaks to us and we will ensure to have them ready as new for your next adventure

Top Brands

With over 500 professional brands, we promise to provide you with the best outdoor types of equipment with an extensive range that will make your adventure more amusing and memorable. 



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