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Indoor Trainer

  • AED 99

    JETBLACK Riser Block - Black | Suit Both Road and MTB Tires | Natural Riding Position

    JetBlack Riser Block is uniquely designed to suit both road and MTB tires. The JetBlack Riser Block is a great addition your home trainer. It will ...

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    AED 99
  • AED 999

    JETBLACK M5 Magnetic Trainer - Black | Aluminium | Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer

    The JetBlack M5 is a high quality, magnetic resistance bicycle trainer. When used with the full range of JetBlack sensors, you can enjoy training s...

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    AED 999
  • AED 599

    JETBLACK S1 Sport Trainer - Black/Orange | Aluminium | Magnetic Resistance Trainer

    The JetBlack S1 Sports trainer is a magnetic resistance trainer that can be used to sub out rides in unfavourable conditions. The S1 is an economy ...

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    AED 599
  • AED 299

    JETBLACK Turn Riser Block - Black | 20 Degree Turn Capabilities | Superior Indoor Riding Experience

    The freedom of riding, indoors. Experience a new freedom on your indoor trainer. The JetBlack Turn Riser Block has been designed to level the front...

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    AED 299
  • AED 3,299

    JETBLACK Volt EMS - Black | 11 Speed Cassette | Exceptional Riding Experience

    Introducing the VOLT™ – an accessible and rider optimised, performance driven electro magnetic trainer. The VOLT™ comes pre-assembled with an 11 sp...

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    AED 3,299
  • AED 820

    TACX Tacx T1000 Antares Rollers

    With the Antares roller you can cycle freely to refine your coordination and technique. This roller can be retracted to 80 cm. ...

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    AED 820
  • AED 1,220

    TACX Galaxia Rollers Bike Trainer

    The Galaxia is an advanced roller. The patented swing system allows it to absorb the forward and backward accelerations perfectly, ensuring t...

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    AED 1,220
  • AED 2,720

    TACX Flux S Smart

    The FLUX S Smart has everything you are looking for in a Smart direct drive trainer. Reliable, accurate, quiet, strong, and it has a great ride fee...

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    AED 2,720
    AED 3,999


    · Unique Y-shaped design, restore the true riding sense, reduce the “hard” damage to the carbon fiber frame, elastic steel frame + adjustable     f...

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    AED 3,999
  • Magene T300
    AED 4,999

    MAGENE T300

    Magene T300 smart trainer.New appearance design, accurate power calculation method, more realistic riding experience, more functions, performance u...

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    AED 4,999