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Tips To Stay Hygienic While Backpacking and Camping

Camping adventures are with friends, not flies! Right? So, staying clean and hygienic while backpacking is what you need to be very particular about on your way. To many, it seems a daunting task in forests, but the matter of fact is hygienic regime can be followed anywhere and everywhere.

Just you need to pack some hygiene essentials for camping and keep some tips in mind. Then, you are all set to enjoy a trip into the mountains putting health and hygiene at stake.

To help you make the most of your time outdoors while staying clean, we have put some top tips and tricks to try out on your next camping and backpacking adventure.

Let’s get started!

  • Carry soap and hand sanitizer

Whether you’re backpacking in a national Park or thru-hiking the rugged trail, hand sanitizer is the utmost essential on your hygiene gear list. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, hand sanitizers and cleanliness have become the new normal.

With hand sanitizers, you won’t have a fear of not having access to water. But, for general hygiene, pack a small bottle of soap on your backpacking trips.

  • Focus on dental hygiene

Backpackers often slack off on one aspect of their hygiene, and it always turns out to be dental hygiene. However, if you put dental hygiene at stake, you are putting your entire health in danger.

So, wherever you head, the key to keeping up with your oral health is setting up a system to make teeth brushing as convenient as possible. Brush your teeth at least twice every day. Do pack your toothbrush and toothpaste backpack before hitting the trail.

Oh, and don’t forget to floss!

  • Pack extra sleeping clothes

Your camping clothes may get wet and dirty while on the trail, so having a separate set of clothes is a sure bet when it comes to camping hygiene. That way, you’ll always have a backup of clean clothes to sleep in.

However, don’t go overboard with the sleeping clothes, though. Keep your backpack light and easy to carry.

  • Carry sleeping bag liner

A very overlooked way for staying hygienic while camping or backpacking is using a sleeping bag liner. Sleeping bag liners are used to line the inside of your sleeping bag, which ultimately helps in keeping your sleeping bag as clean as possible. With sleeping bag liners, your load of washing the sleeping bags time and again vanishes.

  • Shower regularly

Even if this is an undeniable and foremost way to keep yourself hygienic, people often skip because of the ticking clock. But, if you don’t want to put your health at stake, never skip showering.

  • Clean your cookware sets

Hygiene is not only to keep yourself clean; it extends into the camping kitchen as well. One of the most critical practices you must follow clean is to wash your pots and pans thoroughly after each camping meal.

Give your cookware sets a good scrub after you are done with cooking. Use boiling water to kill any potential germs in your pots and pans.

Hygiene essentials for backpacking and camping trip

For following a hygienic regime, you must swear by the following hygiene essentials in your camping backpack:

Sea to Summit Drylite Towel

The foremost hygiene essentials to keep in your backpack. No number of Sea to Summit Drylite Towels will be more while you head for adventurous getaways. The softness and super absorbent features of these towels make them a perfect pick for camping. Known for being an ideal travel companion, especially where weight and pack size matter.


  • Fast-drying woven microfibre
  • Luxurious soft suede finish
  • Remarkably absorbent and fast drying
  • Compact size
  • Mesh-faced storage pouch
  • Machine washable
  • Hang loop with press stud

Oztrail Toiletry bag

Isn’t it frustrating when small essentials like a hand cream or SPF get lost in the backpack? Thus, keeping a true bathroom cabinet is a perfect way to save yourself from the hassle of losing small things. And this toiletry bag by Oztrail is your savior; we bet it.


  • Multiple pockets for all your items
  • Zip pockets for storing your small essentials
  • Detachable mesh pocket
  • Different storages for dry and wet items separately

Pro camp Toilet Tent

Versatile and travel-friendly, Pro camp toilet tent is an innovative solution to get privacy and remain hygienic while camping and backpacking anywhere amidst the wilderness. The ease with which it can be handled, set up, and fold back, makes it an ideal pick for such adventures.


  • Private space for camping bathroom outdoor
  • Instant popup tent with an easy setup
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced airflow with a side window and better outward visibility while also offering reasonable privacy

Oztrail Toilet Top Tank Sanitiser

Don’t even think of stepping out of your place without packing a toilet tank sanitizer. Obviously, on your way, you have to use public toilets, so keep these sanitizers handy. They are portable toilet additives and help you maintain your hygiene even in the remote of all the regions.


  • Provides a fragrant smell
  • Non-stick coating for the toilet bowl
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Portable

Parakito Bite Relief Roll On Gel

Scratchy, nasty, itchy, and inflamed; the insect bites can really get on your nerves! Therefore, carrying a Parakito bite relief roll-on gel will keep you cool and calm, reducing the itching sensation from bites by mosquitoes and other insects. Soothe away the itching with this incredible quality bite relief gel!


  • Reduces itching sensation
  • Gives a soothing and cooling effect
  • Hypoallergenic - Paraben-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Not waterproof

Caution: Not suitable for pregnant women, sensitive skins, or children below 3 years old

Oztrail Pioneer Solar Shower

The last yet the most basic hygiene necessity while camping and backpacking adventures. Compact but effective, Oztrail Pioneer solar shower enables you to harness solar energy to effectively heat your water and accomplish all your washing needs.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean materials
  • Long hose to allow the shower to be positioned outside the shower tent
  • A Convenient push/pull tap is located at the nozzle to control water flow

Your health comes first! Wherever you head for camping and backpack, make sure you carry complete backup essentials of your hygiene essentials. Skipping them would pose a threat to your health, so keep these essentials handy.

Go healthy and happy!

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