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Mountain Bikes

Best Mountain Bikes in Dubai & UAE

Tough roads Need Tougher Bikes!

Mountain bikes are a professionally crafted range of bikes that will make biking through the treacherous uneven terrain easier than ever.

These Cycles, are built to keep you rolling smooth and fast on all-day rides no matter what the road conditions are. Whether climbing up steep trenches or rapidly coming down switchbacks, The specially molded frame with Vibration Reduction Technology will keep you isolated from shock in your arms so you can ride strong all day.

Adventure HQ is synonymous with all adventure sports gear and accessories like Mountain bikes in Dubai was created for riders who want versatile mountain bikes. Built with lightweight and durable material with modern geometry for a more comfortable leisure ride, the giant mountain bikes will keep riders enthusiastic about riding for years to come.

Scott mountain bikes are highly rugged

Adventure HQ brings a variety of trendy, super comfortable mountain bikes now at your doorstep delivered across UAE which is High build quality and has great reliability.

Have you seen the Scott mountain bikes in the Adventure HQ store yet?

These mountain bikes have rigid frames and hi-traction tires for complete safety. The Scott mountain bikes are the most fearless & rugged ride you can have to rule the streets!

Fat Tire Giant Mountain bikes

Fat tire giant bikes can travel through a variety of terrains. The primary functionality comes from the fact that as the surface of contact between the cycle tire and the road is larger the friction is higher and so the braking is accurate and is shockproof. With the fast-acting disc brakes and an awe-inspiring design, the giant mountain bikes will set you apart. So, hop onto this beast and conquer wherever you go!

Light on weight, Heavy on features

Here in Adventure HQ, we believe in products that are Heavy on features like mountains bike which are reliable with a High tensile strength frame, rigid steel fork, efficient and non-skid grip braking system while having a soft and comfortable saddle. The handlebars with hand grips ensure great comfort and stability. With this in mind, we consciously strive to provide exciting bicycle designs, fun features, vibrant colors, and innovative add-ons that enable all fitness enthusiasts like you to embark on the ride of their lives!

The mountain bikes now come in a range of colors and styles. Have you checked out the trendiest variations to make your bike the head turner among your friends?

Weekdays or Weekends? It works both ways

The range of mountain bikes was created so that they are versatile bikes for riders who are looking for a bike to commute to work during the weekdays and planning to go off-road on the weekends. The reason why it has been made lightweight is so that the bike can be easily hitched onto your car and carried to places where you can take the bike down, set it up and start your adrenaline joy ride. Biking can build stamina, keep your metabolism high, and at the same time is also a fun activity with your friends.

Use Technology to reduce the effort

While climbing uphill derail the gear and while going downhill append the gear mechanism. this will help reduce the effort and maximize the output. We at Adventure HQ have bikes that are wallet-friendly and can be used for light trail riding or commuting. The variety of models to choose from ensures the Adventure rides well and can be a gateway to a new cycling lifestyle. At Adventure HQ we take inputs from professional trainers and experts, every mountain bike undergoes rigorous quality tests to ensure that you get nothing but the best. You can explore a guide to buy your first bike.