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10 Best Accessories You Should Have For Your Bike

Imagine the slight breeze hitting against your face with the dazzling odour of fresh air refreshing your mind and soul. This is how biking lets you experience complete serenity and solitude away from the hectic hustle-bustle of daily life. Whether mountain or road biking,  pedaling takes you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of nature and discover what this mother Earth hides for you. 

However, the journey kick starts only when you are fully prepared. And for biking, you need to prepare your partner as well, that is a bike. 

For those, enticed and excited about their first ever biking experience, we have prepared a handy guide disclosing every essential accessory that your bike should have. Read through to know which bike accessories are vital for a seamless biking experience. 

Let's get started!

10 Must-have Bike Accessories


No helmet, no riding a bike! Helmet tops the list of biking accessories that ought not to be negotiated at any stake. Whatever place you are heading to on your road bike, make sure to wear a helmet. 

Whether you are a beginner or professional biker, you need to swear by a good helmet that is a perfect fit for your head size and biking trail. 

While buying a helmet, choose a lightweight, well ventilated, and aerodynamic enabling swift and safe biking experience. 

Fully-optimized for your adventurous getaways, the LAZER Z1 Helmet meets the expectations of every rider. With superior aerodynamic performance and ATS fit system, the helmet is a comfortable and perfect purchase.

You can also try  BBB Helmet Maestro; another feature-rich helmet option. With 29 air vents and a PC reinforced web structure, it ensures solid ventilation and optimal safety. For more choices, visit Adventure HQ. 

Pollution Mask

Riding a bike is a way to good health, but pollution is an obstruction in this way. However, you cannot stop pedaling due to pollution, but you ought to be cautious. Thus, a pollution mask would be a wise choice for protection against pollution while biking. 


Sport Mask with Exhalation Valves would be a great choice as it provides pollution-protection and enhances your sports performance. Embedded with several benefits, the mask's premium durability and reliability makes it a perfect fit in breathing technology. 


The next very vital accessory that should be on your list is a perfect fit saddle. If you are not comfortable while pedaling, you won't be able to travel long distances. So, while you purchase a saddle, look for every in-built feature, significantly greater support, and high-reliability. 

 BBB Saddle Sports Multidensity is a great purchase to make as it offers an excellent pedaling experience with impeccable comfort. The premium quality material used makes it a highly-durable saddle and a perfect biking accessory.

If you are an athlete, you can go for the SELLE SMP Triathlon 3 Carbon Rail saddle. The saddle is designed for perfect saddle positioning for athletes with wide pelvises. The design is tailored according to the rider's needs that guarantees maximum comfort and reliability. 

Front Basket Kit

While you are biking to far-away places, you have to carry tons of stuff. Other than backpacks, a front basket kit would be a great choice. You can keep your extra stuff easily without overloading the backpack. 

Choose the basket that fits perfectly to your mountain or road bike without altering its design and functionality. 

REID Front basket kit is a perfect choice and can be easily fitted with your bike. Follow the instructions carefully while fitting the front basket. With a durable steel frame, the basket is reliable to handle weight effortlessly. 

Stamp Pedals

You can't pedal your bike without the appropriate stamp pedals. Your feet will get tired earlier than usual. Thus, it is vital you purchase the right fit stamp pedals for a comfortable journey. 

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Mac Ed is a popular people's choice optimized for various shoe sizes, including small and large. They are known for their premium quality and stand the best in the plethora of options available as they have an enormous platform compared to others. 

Disc Brake 

Another accessory that is mandatory for a safe and smooth biking experience is a disc brake. It is highly imperative to check if your bike brakes are effective or not. 

While you are on your expedition, there will be times when you have to suddenly apply the brake for stopping completely, and without an effective disc brake, it won't be possible. 

SHIMANO Brake Pads Xtr is an excellent option to purchase. Using these brakes, the racers can confidently take the downhill trail. Also, it enables effective defensive riding techniques resulting in slower lap times. Be wise to purchase the best disc brake as low-quality brakes can put your life at risk. 

Phone Socket 

Fidgeting with the phone while biking can put you and your health in serious trouble. So, it is highly imperative to use a phone socket to secure your phone and yourself. Phone sockets hold the phone firmly to enable the seamless use of GPS and maps on your biking expedition. 

BBB Smart Phone Mount Guardian is a smart choice if you are looking for a top-notch phone mount. This amazingly strong and reliable phone holder easily gets stuck to the bike. 

With it, you can have seamless access to everything on the respective gadget with full hand capability. The best part of this phone holder is that it comes with a water-resistant case that protects your gadget in every weather. 

Chain Cleaner

Can you imagine a long-distance biking trail with a squeaky bike chain? The answer is an absolute no. Thus, you ought to show some respect to the bike chains; else, you have to wander around on your feet. It is imperative to use the chain lubricant or chain cleaner time and again to have undisrupted bike functioning. 

Tip: Use wet lubricant in winters, and a dry chain lubricant would go for the hot and dusty place. 

Checkout the CERAMIC SPEED UFO Chain Cleaner that effectively and thoroughly removes all dirt and grease, providing undisrupted function. This environmentally-friendly formula optimally cleans dirt from all surfaces enabling high-quality drive. 


Pedalling at night is thrilling, but it is dangerous too. The nights are peaceful and dark also, so it is mandatory to carry tail lights while you are out. It would become easy for you to see and be seen. 

NITE IZE Radiant 50 Bike Light is an excellent choice to make that function for 80 hours in flashing mode and 40 hours in constant mode. It contains two sets of batteries and an LED light. You can easily attach it to your helmet and have a thrilling night biking experience.

Also, you may go for the Lazer Led-Light if you are looking for something additional but small. You can use it with a laser helmet for additional enhanced visibility. It works forever with rechargeable batteries. 

AdventureHQ - One Stop Shop For Everything Biking

We hope this handy guide would have helped you determine which bike accessories are an absolute necessity for your biking getaway. 

Adventure HQ is the one-stop-shop that you can trust for buying top-notch biking accessories. We have a superior quality of in-house accessories essential for your bike and biking adventures. 

Years of consistency and dedicated customer service has paved the way for being the leading eCommerce platform for adventure-related products. We never fail to deliver excellence and quality through both customer satisfaction and top-notch products. 

Trust us in this journey of exploring the purest form of freedom and peace through biking without any disruptions. Connect with Adventure HQ to have full-backup of top-notch and essential biking accessories

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