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10 Best Backyard BBQ Essentials for an Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Planning to have fun while enjoying this amazing weather? What can be better than calling out everyone for a barbeque hangout? Unfortunately, you might need to be set back a little this grilling season because of the ongoing pandemic. But who said you could not make the most of a barbeque in your small bubble, right? 

Even now, you can have a great barbecue, but all you need is our ultimate checklist of the 10 best backyard BBQ essentials for the perfect outdoor experience.

So, if you want to earn the grill master title, make sure you have the best barbeque accessories. From the BBQ essentials to cool new gadgets, upgrade your BBQ checklist with our ultimate picks. 

Let's get started!

Find the perfect BBQ

    To start, you must invest in a BBQ that meets your needs! Pick a barbeque considering ease of use, types of barbeque, and how many people you will be cooking for. Determining the size requirement is also a key factor to keep in mind. Talking about the types, you can choose between gas BBQs or charcoal BBQs. Gas BBQs are easier to use and clean than charcoal, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, charcoal ones are pocket-friendly.

    In charcoal barbeque, we have picked the WEBER Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill. Once you grab this incredible grill, you are all set to throw a heart-throbbing barbeque party.

    Those who are a fan of a gas grill can pick AMPINGAZ BBQ Attitude 2100 LX. Designed perfectly for effortless barbecuing, the grill is known for even heat distribution. 

    BBQ fuel 

      Barbeque without barbeque fuel ain't possible. So, do remember having a complete backup of barbecue fuel; else, you won't get very far with your barbecue setup! For a gas BBQ, you must have a canister of patio gas, and a charcoal BBQ will function with charcoal and lighter fluid. And please don't skip on keeping matches or a lighter. 

      Those looking for a safe, easy and economical barbeque fuel can go for INSTAFIRE Charcoal Starter. One of the key features of this fuel is that it is non-volatile, which will not explode up or flare-up. 

      Flat plate cooker

        Barbecuing in breezy weather is not a cakewalk. Thus, this brings us to talk about making the smartest purchase for seamless outdoor cooking. Didn't get us? Well, we are talking about investing in an OZtrail Flat Plate Cooker. It comes with a windshield that offers excellent heat conductivity with a half griddle and half a grill. 

        Pans and pots

          To elevate your barbeque party, you must have the right tools. Said that you must have all the pots and pans to keep your hands away from the hot grill. Along with them, keep a handful of spatulas, tongs, and forks to safely turn and top the food around the hot grill. Don't forget to keep knives, a marinade brush, an apron, and a couple of chopping boards.

          Cutting down the hassle, we have picked the all-in-one set for you; the Kovea Hard 56 Cook Set. The cookware set contains 56 pieces, including all the pots, pans, and crockery essentials.


            Next on our barbeque essential list are cutlery sets. Does it even happen with you that you lose these cookware sets in some or the other way or leave them behind unknowingly? If yes, then my friend do have a backup of plenty of cutlery sets but don't overload. 

            Our best choice, in this case, would be Sea To Summit Delta Cutlery Set and the 18 piece Oztrail Polycarbonate Cutlery Set. Both are convenient choices for a barbeque setup. In addition, the sets contain a knife, spoon, fork, and a clip for easy hanging. 


              If you are planning to include tikkas and meatloaves on your menu, then you shouldn't make the mistake of skipping skewers.

              Our top recommendations would be WEBER Original Bamboo Skewers 25 Pcs or the PARADISO 50 Bamboo Skewers.They both feature high-quality materials and can be used for a variety of grilling purposes. 

              Cooling freezer

                You cannot rush in and out time and again to access your refrigerator. Thus, having a cooling freezer is a wise choice. You can store all the frozen food and drinks in it without any hassle.

                DOMETIC CDF-26 Compressor Coolbox is an extremely lightweight and compact pick with exceptional in-built features. It aids you in refrigeration and deep-freezing.

                Garden furniture

                  The key to enjoying a BBQ get-together is getting laid back and enjoying. For this, you need a sufficient amount of chairs and tables for making your guests feel warm. 

                  You may opt for rugs,since they are fun for kids and an easy way to make more room for children. Along with the comfortable outdoor furniture, get some tablecloths, vases of fresh flowers, parasols, and candles and see the magic happening. 

                  Our top pick for a perfect outdoor experience would be AL SANIDI Table With Aluminum. Stylish yet comfortable, this Aluminum furniture set comes with 4 sturdy brown chairs. Known for its compact size, it is easy to carry and set. 

                  Outdoor lighting

                    You need not end your barbeque fun when the sun goes down. But, for that, you must be equipped with the right lighting solutions.

                    Biolite 250 Lumen Lantern and USB Power Hub PowerLight available at Adventure HQ is the go-to pick that can easily dazzle your party and help you make the most of the beautiful evening.

                    BBQ Ingredients

                      Last but not least, you need a bit of preparation in your pre-barbecue grocery shopping. Begin with writing a shopping checklist of all the food items, drinks, nutrition food and bar and cookware sets you need. Don't forget tissues, napkins, tin foil, and cleaning supplies. 
                      See if you have enough glasses and plates? What are you planning to cook? Outline a rough menu, including the main course, snacks, drinks, and desserts. 

                      Setup your place with the right furniture and all the barbeque essentials you have collected. 

                      Once you have your entire place set, one more thing you're going to need is company! Barbecues are the perfect excuse to get friends and hang around for a catch-up. Get everything in place, and you will be all set to show off your cooking skills!

                      From burgers to tikkas, if you want to sear and savor sizzling appetizing and deliciously grilled food, shop for the best barbeque essentials online from Adventure HQ. We have everything and anything from BBQ charcoal grills to fuels to outdoor furniture.

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