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12 Best Camping Cookware Sets For Outdoor Barbeque

Camping is an adventurous recreational getaway that helps you discover the different sides of yourself. Campers often say that there is something about this activity that brings the best of them. It makes you a planner, an adventurous soul, and above all, a great cook. 

Yes, camping takes you to places like lush green forests, national parks, mesmerizing lakes, rivers where you have to do everything all by yourself, especially cooking. Camping makes you a pro in outdoor barbeque, believe it! All it takes is a bit of preparation and planning before you head on to your camping escape, like what to take and what to leave. 

So, if you are planning for your first ever camping experience, you ought to prepare a list of camping essentials and cookware sets that are going to help you cook. To take the heap off you, we have prepared a handy guide helping you purchase the best camping cookware sets for a perfect outdoor barbeque setup. 

Follow through to make the wise choice!

Flat Plate Cooker

OzTrail Flat Plate Cooker

    The smartest ever purchase to make that enables seamless outdoor cooking is the OZtrail Flat Plate Cooker with the windshield. It is a masterpiece in cookware sets that offers excellent heat conductivity with a half a grill and half flat top griddle. You can cook a plethora of dishes at one time. 

    The windshield feature makes this cookware item the best fit for camping in breezy weather.  


    You can’t carry your entire kitchen to your camping trip. Whatever you carry should be handy and compact. Though pots are necessary cookware, but every or any pot cannot make way to your camping essentials. Avoid bulky kitchen pots to avoid unwanted load. 

    Sea To Summit X-Pot 1.4 Liter

    If you are a solo camper, then SEA TO SUMMIT X-Pot 1.4 Liter is a perfect purchase in terms of the pot. It will fulfill the need of both pot and bowl. The stainless steel of the pot enables easy lifting and stirring.


    Be wise enough to carry pans, but make sure they are not too bulky. If you are going alone, then one pan would be sufficient. However, the larger the camping group gets, the more pans you all will need. 

    OzTrail 30 cm Enamel Griddle Pan

    Go for the OZTRAIL 30Cm Enamel Griddle Pan if you want to buy a single pan. This rust-free pan is the best pick among pans for taking while camping. 

    OzTrail Enamel Campsite Cookset

    But, if you want a full cookware set,  Oztrail Enamel Campsite Cookset would be a great choice. This 4-piece cooking set is highly lightweight and easy-to-carry that will make you a complete camping chef. 

    You can visit Adventure HQ to find out more options available in pans. 


    Some cookware sets offer you cutlery, but most people prefer to have a separate cutlery set. Also, it is always good to have plenty of cutlery sets on your camping expedition. You never know when you will leave behind your spoons and spatula!

    OzTrail Polycarbonate Cutlery Set

    Also, the Oztrail Polycarbonate Cutlery Set won’t be a bad choice. It is an 18 piece cutlery set and very handy for the entire family. 

    Charcoal grill

    Biolite Campstove Grill

    Outdoor barbeques cannot be accomplished without the charcoal grills. Buy this incredible and top-notch  BioLite Campstove Grill that comes with the portable grill attachment. You can easily carry this lightweight charcoal grill and enjoy cooking all your favorite meals. 

    According to your choice and the type of camping trail, you can purchase any grill effortlessly from the wide range of grills displayed at Adventure HQ. 


    Don’t forget to pack skewers in your camping backpack if you are going to grill and grill. Get an easy buy from Adventure HQ of the best skewers. 

    Weber Style Skewers Set

    You can either go for the WEBER Style Skewers Set or the PARADISO 40 Bamboo Skewers. They both are made of high-quality material and have multipurpose advantages in grilling. 

    Cooling freezer

    Camping to hotter regions can make you exhausted, and you will have to be prepared for an adequate hydration supply. Carrying a cooling freezer would be a great choice. 

    Domestic Cool Ice CI 42

    Other than this, DOMETIC Cool ICE CI 42 is a great choice as well. It definitely takes place in your camping essentials because of its extremely lightweight feature. The freezer is known for efficiently storing the ice cool for several days. 

    For more choices, you can visit Adventure HQ. 

    Compact crockery sets

    OzTrail Bamboo Dinner Set

    You definitely need to carry the crockery items so that you eat comfortably. For solo campers, Oztrail Bamboo Dinner set would be the wise purchase. It is an all-in-one crockery set that includes a plate, bowl, mug, and cutlery. Its biodegradable feature makes it a perfect fit for camping expeditions.

    OzTrail Melamine Dinner Set

    However, if you are a group of people planning on camping, then carry the OZTRAIL Melamine Dinner Set. It is a 20 piece cooking set that will be sufficient to serve your group. Even being a large crockery set, it is highly lightweight and can be carried easily without the fear of it breaking down. 

    You can hunt other options as well available at Adventure HQ. 


    Sea To Summit Delta Insul-Mug

    Conventional cups won’t do the needful on your camping trip. Purchase something that can keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer time.  Sea To Summit Delta Insul-Mug is a perfect pick that offers an effective thermal insulation feature. The mug is designed efficiently, offering a leak-proof sipping lid and keeps your drink cold or hot accordingly. 

    LED Lenser Va-Clke 14RD 0.4L Mug Screw Top

    Another very popular choice among mugs is Led Lenser Va-Clke14Rd 0.4L Mug Screw Top and is known for being an incredible combination of design and functionality. The top-notch stainless steel will keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for several days. 

    For more choices, check out the collection of incredible mugs displayed out at Adventure HQ. 

    Vacuum food jar

    A vacuum food jar is a very amazing cookware item that must be in your camping cookware essentials. The jar can keep your food hot or cold for several hours. 

    Stanley Classic Vaccum Food Jar

    Pick this incredible Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Jar that has exceptional vacuum insulation keeping your food hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The jar is leak-proof and is designed in a way that it becomes your partner for a more extended period on the road. 


    If you don’t want to waste your time starting a fire, don’t forget to carry a charcoal bag. It would be way easier to light a fire and begin your cooking process faster. 

    Laplaya Paradiso Charcol

    Buy this premium quality charcoal:  Laplaya Paradiso Charcoal from Adventure HQ and easily light fire that also lasts longer than that from woods. 

    Handy coffee machine

    Wacaco Minipresso 

    If, like many others, coffee is the gasoline of your life, then you ought to pack a handy coffee machine in your camping backpack. Don’t think of an actual coffee machine; buy this amazing Wacaco Minipresso¬†Gr. For coffee lovers, believe us, this is the best invention ever. 

    Without electricity, you can easily prepare your espresso coffee anywhere during your camping journey.

    Like this, Adventure HQ has a vast collection of such coffee machines that are all a one-of-its-kind in quality. 

    Adventure HQ - One Stop Shop For All Camping Equipments

    With decades of excellence and consistency, Adventure HQ is known for being the leading platform of camping products. We have the best camping cookware accessories that have gained popularity due to impeccable quality and top-notch customer service.

    We are the most trusted platform for buying camping accessories in UAE and have pioneered the position with dedicated services. 

    So, if you are planning on your camping expedition, we are your partners in helping you buy the best quality camping cookware items. 

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