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5 Best Grill Options To Take Your Barbecue To The Next Level

5 Best Grill Options To Take Your Barbecue To The Next Level

Grilling is a fun way to spend time in the garden with loved ones during the warmer months. 

You'll find different types of the best BBQ grill available - like gas, charcoal and pellet - and each offers different advantages for speed and flavor. 

Particularly bbq grill outdoor are the fastest to start up and feature multiple burners that can be used to prepare anything from hamburgers to vegetables. It's a popular choice for outdoor areas.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, about 61% of grill owners use propane-powered grills.

Below we have provided a few ideas for the best BBQ grill to help you make some delicious grilled food at home or outside. Browse through them.

What are the Benefits of a Gas Grill?

During the summertime, gas grills make for some of the most popular types of cooking equipment available. A grill is a great way to cook outside since it doesn't make a lot of mess which means you don't have to clean up afterward. Additionally, they are safe and leave little carbon footprints. It is also easy to use and maintain gas equipment.

Let’s have a glimpse of the top benefits of having a gas grill:

  • Economical And Efficient
  • Gas Grills Are Easy To Clean
  • Quick Cook Times
  • Grilling Food Is Healthier
  • Ease Of Use
  • Gas Grills Emit Little Smoke

Gas grills let you move them around and turn them on and off with just a switch. This makes them easy to operate.

Gas grills are quite popular in the grilling space, so it is easy to find grill equipment, especially from stores such as Adventure HQ.

How to shop for the best Gas Grills?

Before shopping for a gas grill, it is recommended for all of you to understand the two of its main types:

  • Grills with propane tanks are usually portable and small, but the tanks have to be replaced.
  • Grills using natural gas requires a dedicated line connected to your natural gas line at home.
  • As well as this, you should pay close attention to the number of burners, the kind of ignition, and the grill grates and accessories of the gas grill.

What are the Grill Cleaning and Safety Tips?

It is one of the most popular summer pleasures to grill, but when placed too close to any fire hazard, a grill fire can start and spread easily. Keep your family and home safe using these grill safety tips.

  1. Only use grills outside

Barbecue grills should be used outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation, not inside a garage or beneath a covered balcony. Propane, gas, and charcoal grills should be placed outside in an open area where there is plenty of ventilation. In use, any combustible material that surrounds or hangs over the grill is prone to catching fire. A clear area over your grill and around it should be free of obstructions.

In situations where you place a grill on a slope or uneven surface, it may fall over and cause a fire.  

  1. Wear appropriate clothing

Long-sleeved clothing or clothing that hangs down are more likely to catch fire when put too close to an open flame. Be sure to wear clothes that won't impede your grilling and tie up your apron strings far from your face when you're grilling. Keep in mind that if a piece of clothing starts to burn, you should stop, drop, and roll to extinguish it quickly.

  1. Keep a spray bottle on hand

Cooking meat on a grill causes fat to drip from the meat, which can cause a section of the grill to burn while it burns away. It is a good idea to keep a spray bottle filled with water next to your grill in case smaller flames develop.

Cleaning gas grills are easier because there is no ash to remove. But if you want a grill with an easy cleaning system, look for accessories like V-shaped flavorizer bars, which will prevent fat dropping from the food above from dripping onto the burners.

The Best Grills in 2022

From basic backyard grills to high-end models worth the attention of professionals, each of the following gas grills is recommended for both amateurs and experienced pitmasters, regardless of price and size. According to expert advice, all these options are equipped with lids and heat-resistant handles.

WEBER Spirit E-210 GBS - Grey/Black

WEBER Spirit E-210 GBS - Grey/Black

WEBER Spirit E-210 GBS Gas Grill provides most square inches of cooking space, making it ideal for cooking a wide variety of foods. "With a heavy-duty construction from one of the industry's most trusted names, this grill can last for many years when properly maintained. 

WEBER Spirit E-210 GBS comes with a GS4 grilling system, iGrill capability, and a convenient side table to set up serving trays. It uses LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS (REFILLABLE CYLINDER) fuel, making preparing food easy and convenient.

AED 2,539

CHARBROIL Charcoal Barbeque Kettle - Black

CHARBROIL Charcoal Barbeque Kettle - Black


Weber kettles are iconic in the industry and are beloved by consumers, so it's not surprising that they're bestsellers. The grill is powered by charcoal and features a removable ash collector for simple cleaning. 

Simply swiping the ash into the collector makes cleanup easy. Sturdy construction, solid accessories, an optional lid that can be rolled around easily for storage in the off-season, and removable accessories make this grill tough to beat.

AED 1,259

CAMPINGAZ BBQ Attitude 2100 LX - Black

CAMPINGAZ BBQ Attitude 2100 LX - Black


This stainless steel two-burner grill is excellent for cooking. According to the tests, it produced steaks with beautiful grill marks that were beautifully rare and juicy. Golden brown and tender, the chicken came off the grate with barely a flare-up. It heats well and quickly after more than a year of use, despite conditions.

The CAMPINGAZ BBQ Attitude comes with countless features that make it comfortable to use, including sturdy side shelves, tool holders, and a shelf to keep extra items in. 

AED 2,171


Weber electric grills are great for locations that do not allow outdoor grills. Connect the unit and turn the digital temperature control to the desired temperature. In addition to the Weber Connect App for remotely monitoring the grill and food temperatures, it has dual cooking zones for grilling different foods at the same time. 

As you wait for it to preheat, keep in mind that the digital thermometer will alert you when it has reached the desired temperature. Grills can be used as tabletop grills or with grill carts (sold separately), and the control panels can be removed so that they can be stored indoors while the rest of the grill remains outside.

It takes about eight minutes for this grill to cook a beautifully seared strip steak of 145oF. As well, it takes less than 30 minutes for chicken thighs to become juicy and golden.


These were the top grilling options that let you take your barbeques process to the next level. 

Wondering where to buy BBQ gas? It’s not the time to worry anymore as Adventure HQ comes into play offering numerous grilling choices that will never let you down. 

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