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An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Ideal Swimming Goggles

An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Ideal Swimming Goggles

Hey! It's time to get in the mood for summertime!

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. Most of us don't have the jitters to jump in the water. 

Before you jump in, make sure you have the most essential swimming accessory… Yes! you guess it right, swimming goggles.

A pair of swimming goggles is just as essential as a bathing suit. So, it would be best to choose your goggles wisely! Because they not only help you see better underwater but also protect your eyes from chlorine and other contaminants. 

A lot of goggles are available, with an amazing range of brands and features, making choosing goggles a tough task.

If you're not sure what you need from a pair of goggles, take a look at our guide and find out.

Before we get to that, let's answer the question that keeps nagging... why should you wear swimming goggles?

We have compelling reasons to persuade you to use a pair you own every time you go swimming.

  • Clear Vision

Swimming goggles have a watertight design. Such a design helps create an air pocket around your eyes, allowing you to see clearly underwater. 

So, carry your swimming goggles for a clearer vision under the water next time you plan to go swimming. 

  • Eyes Protection

You might have experienced redness or irritation in your eyes after leaving the waters. The common cause for such problems is the chlorine and other contaminants present in the water. 

Therefore, you require some protective eyewear to help keep potential bacteria and foreign irritants out. 

  • A Better Swimming Experience

Improved visibility and swimming goggles can help you have a better swimming experience. You can also take the adventure of exploring underwater creatures. 

You get more out of your swim that way! 

Convinced how swimming goggles can enhance your swimming experience? 

Now, you are probably wondering how to select the right one for your next swimming session. We have listed some points you should consider while choosing the right pair of swimming goggles.

How to Choose the Right Swimming Goggle?


Before you buy your goggles, consider your level. It is essential to understand your level. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or on an advanced level, your goggles vary massively. Your level will tell you if you require basic goggles or if you need a goggle that is perfect for rigorous training. 

  1. Goggles for beginners are designed for comfort and easy adjustment. 
  2. Intermediate goggles are designed with a more flexible nose bridge and a narrower field of vision. 
  3. Advanced goggles are designed for perfect hold on the face, a precise area of vision, and great stability when swimming.

So, it all depends on your level, so keep it in your mind whenever you purchase swimming goggles.


Whatever goggles you choose, ensure you have tried them on once to see their fitting. An important aspect of the right fit is how the shape of the goggles fits your eye socket. 

If they keep falling off, leaking, and cannot seal, they are not the right ones. You should ensure that there are no gaps, and straps are also good because straps affect the fitting of goggles in a significant way.

(A quick way to test the fit of your goggles: Make sure they are tight so water does not enter. Then, place them on your face without the strap and check if the goggles stay in place with suction for at least a second.)

After that, try on the goggles with a strap and ensure that their fit is comfortable. 


To adapt your lenses to the environment where you will swim, choose the color of your lens. The color choice is not only for aesthetics. They have to serve a particular function. While selecting the lens color, ensure you are familiar with the pool lighting conditions you are going to. 

The lens should improve your vision depending on whether you are swimming indoors or outdoors, in bright or low light. Today various lenses are available that help shade your eyes when swimming in bright light.

  1. Pale or light-colored lenses are used in areas of low brightness. 
  2. Mirrored lenses are used outdoors or in a pool with bright lighting. 
  3. Smoked or photochromatic lenses are used in areas with average brightness.

Now that you know how and why to buy swim goggles, you're ready to shop. Now let's talk about what to buy!

Our Top 4 Recommended Products

MAUI AND SONS Printed Googles - Black Mix

MAUI AND SONS Printed Googles - Black Mix


MAUI AND SONS Printed Goggles are incomparable. You will surely be happy and satisfied with these comfortable, flexible, and high-quality goggles. These are high-performance goggles that can be suitable for rigorous training of individuals. 

AED 89

Dawson Sports Medley Swimming Goggles

Dawson Sports Medley Swimming Goggles


With an anti-fog coating lens and assurance of lasting ten times longer than other traditional goggles, these are worth buying anytime. The goggles can also be fitted with five different pieces of nose bridges in order to ensure the perfect fit.

AED 59

AQUASPHERE Seal XP2 CL/L Swimming Goggles

AQUASPHERE Seal XP2 CL/L Swimming Goggles

If comfort is what you always seek, this is the best option to buy. These unisex goggles are comfortable because of their larger lenses. 

AED 155

AQUA LUNG Combo Versa Snorkel - White/Black Swimming goggles

AQUA LUNG Combo Versa Snorkel - White/Black Swimming goggles

These goggles are your best companion every time you go swimming. These goggles are anti-fog and anti-leak. With a diverse variety of lenses and colors available, you can select the best pair that compliment your swimsuit.

AED 247

By now, you are well informed of what you need to know when selecting the perfect pair of goggles. 

An ideal pair of swimming goggles never fails to provide perfect fit and comfort with good suction and great fit on the nose bridge and the eyes. Moreover, maximum visibility is highly prioritized for a better swimming experience. 

For hassle-free buying, check out our website, Adventure HQ, where you can find the best swimming goggles for your water adventures that are comfortable, fit, and perfectly sized.

Hurry! Don't delay! Shop your favorite goggles and have fun underwater. 

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