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Best Scuba Diving Equipment and Gear in Dubai 2021

Scuba diving amidst the deserts! Doesn’t that sound like an unusual experience?

Yes, we are talking about Dubai, a man-made city with everything ranging from fancy resorts to world-class structures to a magical marine world. And when temperatures are reaching the peak points, how about going for a dip in the pristine turquoise-blue waters of Dubai?

But imagine reaching the diving spot, and not getting to experience diving as you didn’t pack all the diving gears. And then comes a shout out 'oh no, I don’t have my diving goggles' or 'whoops, I was unaware about the diving mask. Returning home won’t be a feasible solution and this will ultimately screw your adventure.

So, whether you go for a single dive at a local dive site or a long-planned vacation of diving, having a Scuba Diving Equipment Checklist is essential. It is for making sure that you never forget any of your gear again!

Easing out your work, we have prepared a checklist of all scuba diving gear and equipment along with the top recommendations for 2021.

Checklist for scuba diving

Here's a quick rundown through the best scuba diving equipment and gear:

Diving gear

2XU Men's Compression Trisuit

    A perfectly designed tri suit for men that keeps ventilation and cooling in balance. With superior muscle stabilization, unrivaled aerodynamics, and heat-beating technology, this Compression Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit effectively overcomes the challenges of long-course underwater races.


    • Premium Italian-engineered silicone leg grippers
    • Low profile Pro LD chamois
    • Full-length semi-auto lock zip
    • Easily accessible rear pockets
    • Ergonomically engineered paneling
    • Powerful, lightweight PWX VENT lower body
    • Quadriceps Muscle Containment Stamping
    • Premium Italian SBR VENT upper body

    2XU Women's Perform Zip Sleeved Trisuit

      For 2021, we have picked the Perform collection for all women athletes. The suit is optimally designed to provide support for the rigors of diving.


      • Unmatched power and durability
      • Mid-level gauge for muscle stabilization
      • Ergonomically engineered paneling for comfort and ventilation
      • Premium Italian engineered silicon gripper for a secure fit and comfort
      • Full-Length semi auto-lock zip

      Diving Fins

        Those looking for fins that can improve your technique or give your legs a real workout, go for these fins. As these fins take power to get pushed through the water, this results in building your core strength and endurance. Made of 100% silicone, the Edge fins are great for swimmers offering support at different levels.


        • Technique focused side rails activate your hips and quadriceps
        • Proprietary blade angle that makes you feel like a natural extension of the foot
        • Open-toe design allows for a snug fit and prevents chafing

        Aqua Lung Zinger

          A highly pocket-friendly option in fins! The Aqua Lung Zinger Fin is a tried and trusted diver's fins embedded with exceptional features. When comfort is paramount, but power is also a priority, go for the Zinger Fins.


          • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
          • Dual composite heel straps
          • Easy to adjust buckles
          • Dual-composite blade to deliver power and speed
          • Vented blades provide an easier kick

          Diving mask

          Aqua Lung Versa Snorkel Mask

            Designed with a single curved lens, the Versa full-face diving mask opens up the gates to the amazing underwater world experience. Highly stylish yet functional, this diving mask is easy- to adjust, soft and comfortable fit. Additionally, the textile head strap makes for the simple and quick on and off.


            • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt providing ultimate comfort
            • Enlarged nose pocket to fit all faces
            • 180-degree visibility with minimal distortion
            • Shatter-resistant Polycarbonate lens providing durability and crystal clear vision
            • Anti-fog and UV protective coating
            • Lightweight
            • Elastic textile strap
            • Easy-adjust buckle

            WINMAX Diving Mask

              Embedded with an ergonomic design, this diving mask is an ideal fit for almost every swimmer. The soft silicone mask frame offers the best comfort along with full protection for your eyes.


              • Durable tempered glass lens
              • Adjustable strap with buckles for quick and easy adjustment
              • Eco non-toxic silicone mask frame


              Speedo Center Snorkel

                Pair this snorkel with a mask or goggles, and you are all set to hit the deep waters safely. With this snorkel, you need not turn your head to breathe. It is an easy-to-use snorkel that allows you to focus on kick technique, stability, and positioning and body alignment in the water.


                • Perfect for face-down head position needed for Butterfly and Freestyle
                • SpeedFIT head strap for quick and easy adjustment
                • Vibrant multicolored pattern

                FINIS Freestyle Snorkel

                  Next up, we have picked the Freestyle Snorkel, a perfect partner for swimmers during their freestyle stroke. It allows you to completely focus on your head position and body alignment leading to maximum stroke efficiency. In addition, the curved design does not let you turn your head to breathe.


                  • Provides full range of motion at all speeds, including flip turns
                  • Soft and flexible medical-grade silicone built
                  • Head straps for quick adjustments
                  • Universal fit for most divers

                  Diving knives

                  Leatherman Micra

                    The most popular choice in diving knives featured with exceptional specifications! Packed with ten useful tools, the Leatherman Micra is a tiny and lightweight, unique mini tool. It is designed to perfectly fit a pocket, purse, tackle box, fanny pack, or sewing kit.


                    • Tweezers
                    • Bottle Opener
                    • Nail File
                    • 420HC Knife
                    • Spring-action Scissors
                    • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
                    • Ruler (4.7 in | 12.0 cm)
                    • Nail Cleaner
                    • Medium Screwdriver
                    • Extra-small Screwdriver

                    Leatherman Juice CS4 Granite Grey

                    Next up is the Juice CS4 by Leatherman. It is a compact multi-tool with 15 useful tools, including a corkscrew and four screwdrivers. The tool is specifically designed for smaller hands with the appropriate handles sculpted for them. With the same power and features as other full-size multi-tools,


                    • 420HC Stainless Steel
                    • Type II Anodized Aluminum
                    • Textured aluminum handles

                    Additional scuba diving gear

                    • Underwater camera

                    If you wish to capture the scenic beauty of the underwater world, do keep a water-resistant camera handy. You will have a plethora of options in underwater cameras that enable you to click clear like photos and videos, but if you are a professional diver, using GoPro cameras would be a wise choice.

                    • Underwater light

                    Once you reach the depths of water, everything appears to be dark. Thus, carrying an underwater light will aid you in illuminating dark underwater environments and prevent any kind of trouble. Besides being useful during night dives and cave dives, underwater lights also help explore cracks and crevices during day dives.

                    • First Aid Kit

                    Water is considered highly safe, yet having a first aid kit while hitting the water is always a smart move. God forbid if some medical emergencies arise, so to deal with them, you must have a first aid kit. A good first aid kit includes all the wound care items, medications for pain and allergies, and survival items.

                    We hope these best picks of ours will help you make the perfect scuba diving gear collection. Once you have gathered the best diving equipment and gear, you will wonder how you managed without them on your previous diving adventures. Trust us; it will save you a lot of stress and panic about getting into any unplanned events. So check out our platform for comprehensive and best diving gear in Dubai.

                    Wherever you plan to go scuba diving, we recommend having travel insurance covering you for any accidents or injuries.

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