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Cycling Clothes: A Beginner's Guide To Feel Comfortable

Cycling Clothes: A Beginner's Guide To Feel Comfortable

Hopping on wheels for the first time? Make sure you prepare before you paddle, and by this, we mean keeping your biking checklist intact to uncover the most extraordinary biking experience. 

A vital part of this checklist is picking the best biking clothes before heading for pedaling to any place. 

That said, we are not telling you to buy a heap of fancy clothes flaunting brands and price tags. Pick the biking clothes that can enhance your performance while being adhered to the comfort standards. 

If you wish to ace road biking, better incline yourself towards buying the best biking clothes. Riding long hours is all about comfort, and misfit biking clothes do have a role in hampering it. 

So, rather than screwing your road biking experience, read through to discover the top picks in cycling clothes that will help you pursue a comfortable and thrilling road biking getaway.

Let's get going!

Considerations while buying biking clothes

  • Don't skip on gauging the weather conditions of the place you are heading to for biking
  • Check the fitting and size of cycling clothes
  • Make sure that they offer supreme comfort and flexibility
  • Reliability must not be overlooked to end up buying the best biking clothes. 
  • Remember quality over quantity

Top picks in cycling clothes 

Short-Sleeve shirts for men 

SCOTT M'S Trail Flow S/Sl, a perfect pick for you, showcasing a design inspired by nature. Optimally designed with quality fabric that is highly flexible and stretchable, the sleeved shirt keeps you pedaling long distances without any discomfort.


  • Quick-drying
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Specific collar design offering comfort 
  • Additional extra-long back enabling better ride coverage

Another great choice to stop by is this short sleeve shirt designed by SCOTT RC Pro Short Sleeve Shirt for all the racing riders. The shirt is designed to manage heat and moisture effectively, allowing you to have a seamless pedaling experience while keeping you cool.  


  • Includes a full-length semi-auto lock zipper
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • 4-way stretch knit fabric
  • Three main back pockets
  • Water-repellent back pocket
  • Mesh inserts for better ventilation
  • Silicone bottom hem gripper

Sleeve shirts for women

Women riders who look for a bit more safety while cycling, SCOTT W's Rc Premium sleeve shirt by Scott's is an ideal pick for you. The shirt is known for being the best road-specific cycling gear that provides extra protection to your skin in case of a bike crash.


  • Shoulders and sleeves made of ITD ProTec fabric offering high abrasion resistance
  • It comes with a full-length semi-auto lock front zipper
  • Three back pockets 
  • One water-repellent back pocket
  • Reflective stripe enhances visibility

Quality-rich, feminine and comfy, this collection by Scott was hand-crafted for women inclined towards riding. SCOTT Gravel Contessa Signature breathable fabric keeps you going through rugged terrains in scorching temperatures as well without any discomfort. 


  • Quick-dry knit fabric
  • 4-way stretch fabric offering flexibility
  • Short length semi-auto lock front zipper
  • Elastic bottom hem
  • Three back pockets


Stylish and sleek, RC Pro +++ Bibshorts by SCOTT RC Pro comes with a unique wide-leg gripper that provides incredible finish and enhanced comfort. Embedded with an array of exceptional features, the bib short is a perfect fit for riding inclined individuals. 


  • SCOTT's +++ Pro padding
  • Breathable fabric and mesh ventilation
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • 4-way stretch knit fabric
  • Includes soft bib straps that provide extra comfort

Another incredible option known for its perfect design-SCOTT M'S Endurance +++ Bib. The shorts incorporate everything right without overdoing anything. Designed to provide optimal comfort and great fit, the shorts are stitched out of quality fabrics that don't wear and tear quickly.


  • Highly comfortable with a cushioned material
  • Includes a non-slip silicone strip 
  • Provides incredible ventilation through mesh braces
  • Includes a back pocket


    If you are looking for something that can keep you going comfortably through any distance, then my friend, SCOTT RC Team Shorts is definitely a pick for you. Offering greater comfort coupled with excellent protection, the shorts can keep you comfortable in the saddle for miles and miles. 


    • Quick-dry knit fabric
    • 4-way stretch knit fabric
    • Silicone leg hem gripper
    • SCOTT ++ Performance padding
    • It comes with a wider waistband enabling increased comfort 

    For those who commute on bikes every day, SCOTT M's Endurance shorts by Scott are absolutely a perfect pick. The shorts have in-built features that offer better performance and increased comfort.


    • Zippered side pockets
    • Waistband adjuster
    • Fabric providing UV-protection 

    Other cycling gears

    Cycling may not put pressure on knees, but wearing SCOTT As 10 Knee Warmer will keep your knees and joints protected, especially in the freezing season. The lesser exposure to the chilling air currents will help you paddle long distances comfortably.


    • Windproof and water-repellent fabric 
    • It has an anatomically shaped cut
    • Left & right laser cut label
    • Silicone top hem gripper

    While riding bikes in the cold season, don't skip on wearing SCOTT As 20 Arm Warmer, else you may shiver and fail to ride the bike properly. 


    • Reflective details
    • High-quality insulation
    • Left & right laser cut label
    • Silicone top hem gripper
    • Preshaped cut for a better fitting

    Shop from one-stop-shop - Adventure HQ

    We hope this comprehensive guide unveiling the best cycling clothes will help you make wise and better choices.

    Being the leading provider of the best cycling gear, Adventure HQ is your go-to platform for exploring variety along with quality. Meeting global marketing standards, our cycling gears never fail the comfort test. 

    Knock the doors of Adventure HQ for grabbing the best cycling clothes available in a wide range on our platform!

    SPARTAN Pillow Top Saddle - Grey

    SPARTAN Pillow Top Saddle - Grey

    COMFORTABLE BIKE SEAT - Whether you ride your bike to work, school, in the park, around the block or even off-road, day or night, you will find this seat the perfect choice. Bike seat was designed to give you the most COMFORTABLE and SAFE ride as well as the best riding experience ever

    UNIVERSAL FIT and EASY TO INSTALL - Bicycle seat has a universal fit system which makes it easy to install on almost any type of bicycle, and it comes with all the INSTALL PARTS you need to start benefiting from the perks of the seat in the shortest time.

    AED 49

    SPARTAN Soft Gel Seat Cover - Grey/Black

    SPARTAN Soft Gel Seat Cover - Grey/Black

    Soft Gel Seat Cover makes your seat so much more comfortable, you can ride almost twice as long without the pain. Made of anti-skid and wear-resistant elastic Lycra material. Fits perfectly to most bike saddles.


    • Anti-slip gripping material on underside of cover
    • Deep centre relief zone virtually eliminates pressure points on sensitive parts
    • Ergonomic design

    AED 49

    BIKEWORKX Lube Star Original Tub - 1 KG

    BIKEWORKX Lube Star Original Tub - 1 KG

    Lube Star “Original“ is an all-purpose grease.

    It is specifically formulated for use on bikes and bike parts such as bearings, hubs, pedals, cables etc.

    Lube Star “Original” provides excellent water resistance and extends the life of all types of bearings.

    Package: tube 100 g, tub 1 kg.

    AED 189

    Top-tube bag

    The Z Adventure T1 is a top-tube bag which allows the rider to carry all their essentials (wallet, purse, nutrition, phone, repairs) with them on their road or gravel bike, whilst also giving them quick access and keeping everything secure and safe. One removable internal compartment means a better organisation.


    • Net pocket for batteries with cable access - Allowing the rider to charge their GPS, phone, lights…
    • Water repellent - Water-resistant material and zip.
    • Universal mounting - Using self gripping straps.
    • Anti-slip material on the lower part - Better grip to the top tube.
    • Lightweight - Lightweight, resistant material.

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